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TOS Review for Davy Crockett from YWAM Publishing

Have you ever looked for good wholesome, quality biographies for your children about famous men and women from history? Men and women who are strong in their faith. Well, if you have look no further. YWAM Publishing has answered that request. YWAM publishing offers a variety of products. For this review, the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the chance to review Heroes of History and Christian Heroes: Then and Now.

                      YWAM Publishing Review

The kids and I reviewed Davy Crockett: Ever Westward, a book from their Heroes of History collection. This was a perfect selection for us since we were studying America's westward expansion this year. Heading west, the Alamo, and Native Americans are all in the lesson plans this year. We were given the Heroes of History CD Unit Study Guide for Davy Crockett to go along with our book and to help us learn more about this adventurous man. 

So what is YWAM Publishing?

YWAM Publishing Review

YWAM is a publishing company that produces quality Christian books. Their focus is to encourage Christians to make a difference in the world they live in by introducing them to brave and courageous men and women. Who doesn't want role models that their children can look up to? They offer books, E-books, musics, study guides, and so much more. They even offer a few freebies online, like crossword puzzles and word searches, that go along with the books.

So what did we think of Davy Crockett?

We loved it! We read the book together as a read aloud. Both my children could have read the book on their own, but we like to do history together. The book is broken up into 19 chapters. The chapters are a good length for daily readings. We read it during lunch time.each day. There were many days that the kids asked to keep going. They couldn't wait to see what happened next to David. For us, it was a great way to introduce America's westward expansion. We loved reading about the adventures of young David Crockett. We were able to see him grow from a young boy to a courageous man. He traveled all around. He even visited areas near our home. Hearing nearby towns mentioned in the book brings history to life for Michael and Therese. We have visited Tennessee numerous times in the past, so the area was real familiar to them. I don't want to give too much away and spoil it for you. I just recommend adding it to your history reading list.

Along with the book, we received the study guide on Cd. They are moving away from Cd's and will have only down loadable study guides in the future. The study guide is a wealth of knowledge. To start off, they have an overview for the study guide just for homeschoolers. There is one for teachers too. The guide for homeschoolers offers suggestions for parents on how to use their books and their unit studies within their own homeschooling. You can use their books and unit studies as a full curriculum or you can just use them as an additional resource. Plenty of ideas are included on how to implement either of these options. 

The unit study guide has tons of ideas on how to add to the learning experience. There are suggestions on how to bring the story into language arts, science, geography, and social studies. There are recommendations for additional resources....books, movies, and websites to visit. Here are just a few of the other great ideas that are suggested for students to do....

Create a timeline
Create a vocabulary notebook
Create a picture book for younger children based on the book
Write a research paper
Drawing various items from the book (rifles, plants, homes, etc.)

Your kids would never be bored with all the wonderful ideas given to bring this book to life!

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