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TOS Review~ Sunya- The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing

Math Game

Do your kids dread doing their math work? Do they think math has to be boring? Well, no one ever said math had to be dull and morning! Math can be fun and learned by playing a simple card came.
The past few weeks, the kids and I have been playing Sunya- The Magic of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing from Sunya Publishing.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}
Sunya Publishing is a relatively new company and is currently working on the final stages of this math product. For this review, we received the instruction game booklet, sixty multiplying and dividing playing cards, multiplying and dividing number line tool, and thirty math and science fact/riddle cards. The game is geared for children ages 9 and up. However, if a younger child has learned the multiplication or division facts, they could easily play this game.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

The instruction game booklet was well made and coil bound with the plastic coils. It looks like it will hold up well. The pages and cover are fairly think. I would place it in a safe place though. I'm sure if it was left laying around, the pages may get torn. The game booklet had black and white pages with a few color pages thrown in. 

Math Game

I personally liked the colored pages. It helped break up the instructions and made the reading easier to do. The color pages were more visually appealing too.The game booklet is long (about 25 pages) and very wordy. The instructions are extremely detailed. They do provide a lot of  visual examples. It is a little overwhelming when you first start to read it. The instructions could be easily simplified for a quicker understanding of the game. I read the instruction 3 times before I understood what we were supposed to do. Once I figured out the goal of the game, I quickly realized that I was over thinking the rules of the game. We focused on the multiplying game since Therese is still learning her multiplication facts.

Math Review

The game itself is fairly easy to play. One player is the dealer. The dealer places the number sentence for the game on the table,  a x b =  ab. Each player is dealt four cards. On the players turn, they draw a card and try to make a new number sentence. If the player can not make a new number sentence they keep drawing cards until they can make a number sentence. 

Math Review

The first player to play all of their cards and says SUNYA before playing their last hand wins the game! The winning player than gets to draw a card from the fact & riddle card pile. They ask the other players the fact of riddle and see who can answer. This is the simplest version of this game. 

Math Fact Game

The instruction booklet offers suggestions for making the game more challenging for more advanced players. There are 4 more options on how to play the game included in the booklet. The more you play, the more you'll understand, and the more you will build in your knowledge of the game. Just an FYI, Sunya is a Sanskrit word meaning empty. Saying Sunya as you play your last hands, lets everyone know you have an empty hand!


What we thought....

Therese, who is struggling with her multiplication tables, did extremely well with this game. Once I explained the rules, she quickly jumped and played her cards. She actually won the first 4 times we played. This is a great way to build her confidence in her math skills. I noticed that she was able to make a multiplication number sentence rather quickly. She didn't stop and doubt herself, like she does when working in math book.

Michael on the other hand found the game a little boring. We have only played the simple version of the game which he found too easy. I'm sure he would be more interested in a different variation of the game. Maybe once Therese gets stronger in her multiplication facts, we can challenge him a little. He did enjoy the riddle & fact cards. He loved trying to figure them out and did a good job at it too.
I thought the game was fun. I loved how it helped Therese build her confidence with her multiplication facts. She didn't stress and just played. My only complaint is I wish the game came in a small box or at the least a box to store the cards. I'm afraid that we may lose a few.

Want to learn more about about Sunya- The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing or the other game from Sunya Publishing, called Sunya- The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting. Click on the link below and see what the other members had to say.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

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