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Classically Catholic Memory~ Delta Year Week 4

Geography~ South America

Source~ Wikipedia

We labeled the CCM map with the wonderful stickers they provide. We located the countries on our wall map. Over the next few days, the kids colored their map and flag coloring pages for each country. They colored in the country on their South America map as they learned about each country.

Blank Map of South America

Maps & Coloring Pages for the Following South American Countries

French Guiana
French Guiana Flag
Suriname Flag 
Guyana Flag
Venezuela's Flag 
Columbia & Bogota
Columbia's Flag 
Ecuador's Flag

Please see my general post about how we teach Latin.

Religion~ The Holy Eucharist

We read the Catechism Lesson on the Holy Eucharist.

Holy Eucharist Lesson Ideas

Younger Children Worksheets
Worksheet #1
Worksheet #2
Worksheet #3

For Older Children
Lesson Plans and Questions

The kids completed this Eucharist Worksheet from The Catholic Toolbox.

Michael and Therese both created a Monstrance.

We used basic supplies we found at Walmart

Supplies needed.....

Gold Foil Dollies (I found these at a local craft/hobby store)
Gold Ribbon
White Paper
Colored Pencils
Picture of Jesus to go under the Eucharist

Simple and easy to do!

Great Words~


This week the kids starting working on The Gettysburg Address. I read the entire poem to them at first. We then read the poem together. After reading the poem together, I had the kids read the first two lines. They read it a few times. When they were done reading it a few times, I had them write the section into their writing notebook. This helps with memorization and I get to see their handwriting!
I encourage them to read the section we are learning daily. I find this helps with the memorization.
To further our knowledge of The Gettysburg Address, I picked out a few books from the library to read together and separately.


To fun but short reads for the kids to discover are......


All of these books will come in handy when we get to the Civil War later on this year!

For younger kids, you could have them create Abraham Lincoln's hat! My kiddos are a little too old for that now, but I remember doing that with them around his birthday. It was a fun activity.

Science~ Vascular Plants
This week, the kids went on an adventure outside to find three types of vascular plants! Living in the woods made this rather easy.

They searched for ferns, angiosperms, and gymnosperms. They found all three!

I found a wonderful lesson online that went over the differences. It included a worksheet for the kids to do. You can find it here.


We did a fun experiment to show how vascular plants receive their nutrients and food. We used colored food dye and celery. The purple showed up better than the blue. The kids thought it was pretty neat to see the dye move up the celery stalks.

This project does need to stay out for a few days to see it. I word of caution if you cats be prepared for them to have funny colored tongues. Our mama cat liked the blue water. Her tongue was blue for a few days.

History~ Native Americans

This was an important week for us. Since we have Native American ancestry I wanted the kids to know what they Native Americans had to endure during this time period.
A few years ago while visiting The Great Smoky Mountain, we visited Cherokee, North Carolina. We spent the day on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. While there, we visited the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. It's a beautiful museum that tells the story of the Cherokee people. 
After out tour of the museum, we spent the afternoon picnicking along one of the creeks that runs through reservation. We enjoyed a wonderful hike to a very tall waterfall called Mingus Falls.

To learn more about the Cherokee Indians and their sad journey, The Trail of Tears, we checked out a few books from the library.

We worked on a unit study called Trail of Tears Unit Study from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool

I found this lesson online about The Battle at Little Big Horn.

Lessons on Wounded Knee
Lesson #1
Lesson #2 with a worksheet

HomeschoolShare.com has a variety of lessons, unit studies, and lapbooks to learn all about the Native Americans. They have options for all ages.
Some are favorites are....
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush for younger kids
Sign of the Beaver for older kids

I did find a wonderful lapbook all about the Plains Native Americans and for older students I found some great writing prompts for them all about the Plains Native Americans

Another cute lapbook I found was the Native Americans lapbook. It's FREE!

And if you have a daughter, who loves American Girl dolls, you have to do a lapbook or unit study on Kaya! Homeschoolshare.com has a free template to use!

Need a few more ideas to learn about the Native Americans, check out The Homeschool Mom website. There are tons of fun ideas suggested for all ages, preschool to highschool!

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