Thursday, February 25, 2016

10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

1. Legos

If you have boys, you have Legos! This Easter sets are a great way to add some fun to the Easter basket.

2. Binoculars

Anything that has to do with the great outdoors is always a hit here. Boys love to explore and go on adventures. With these binoculars maybe they will spot a bird, a snake, or even a rare beast in the jungle.

 3. Parachute Men

These are a hit in our house. I feel like I add this every year. The cats love them too!

4. Mad Libs

Silly and fun. The best part they are learning English and they don't even know it.

5. A Hex bug

Both my kiddos have these. They are neat little things to watch. The cats and dog even get into the action of following them. I remember when a certain dog was a puppy and she was afraid of them.

6. Hot Wheel Cars

Cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and bugs all seem to be hits with boys. I love hot wheels because you can fit many into Easter eggs. Perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

7. Action Figures

Here you can add a variety of characters. Turtles, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. Pick a favorite and add to the collection. Marvel Avengers are a favorite in our house!

8. Bug Cathing Kit

This will be a hit! Michael loves bugs and anything that is creepy crawly. We have so many bug catching kits that we can have a bug zoo. Our only rule is they have to stay outside. We did make one exception and that was for Hercules! We once rescued a Hercules beetle in the winter and kept in a fish tank. We released him when the weather got warmer. He was a neat school pet!

9. An Excavation Bug Kit

Have a paleontologist in your house? Any excavation kit will be a hit. We've had quite a few over the years.They are always completed with a lot of enthusiasms.

10. Classic Card Games

Classic games = classic fun!

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1 comment:

  1. Great ideas! I always struggle with my guy. I find the girls easier, until they reached the teen years. I was thinking of a butterfly kit or some bug kit since he is just finishing studying a chapter on metamorphoses, etc.


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