Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Non Candy Easter Baskets Ideas for Little Ones

Like many parents, I have never liked filling an Easter full of candy. Over the years, I have created baskets filled with religious themed items, interests of my little ones (dinosaurs were a big hit one year), and books. I do put a little candy in my kids Easter baskets, but I always put more of the other stuff. My kids have never missed all that candy and I'm sure yours won't either.

So while searching online for my kids, I came across some really cute stuff for little ones. My kiddos are too old for this stuff, but I couldn't resist sharing it.

1. God Gave Us Easter

We have this book in our Easter collection. Therese still collects the holiday books every year and reads them. I used to read them to her , now she reads them to our cat or her dolls. Time flies by!

2. Play-Doh Easter Eggs

Play-Doh is always fun. My kids would get new Play-Doh every year. The creations they would come up with always amazed me.

3. Lena the Lamb from Gund

or this cute plush lamb from Webkinz

These are so cute. Stuffed animals are still a go in our house. I guess to a kid you can never have enough. I love these cute little lambs. They look like they need a new home, don't they?

4. Snake~Pick Up Sticks

This would have been a BIG hit in our house a few years ago. Michael would have loved these! I think most boys would love these colorful little snakes.

5. Fun Flyers Planes

Colorful, crafty, and they fly. What else is there to say. Michael at 12 would still like these I'm sure.

6. Peter Rabbit Stuffed Animal

Peter Rabbit Story Book

Peter Rabbit Felt Story Board


Who doesn't love Peter Rabbit. This stuffed animal is so cute. The story is a classic and a must have along with all of Beatrix Potter's books. I love the felt board. Therese would have loved recreating the story or making up her own with this board when she was younger.

 6. Mosaic Stickers

Sticker, glitter. and ponies! Every little girl's dream.

7. Book of Saints for Kids

I always try to put a few things in the kid's baskets that focus on the real meaning of Easter. This books of about the Saints is a great way for kids to learn to be more like Jesus.

8. Our Lady of Guadalupe from Shinning Light Dolls

or Saint Francis from Shinning Light Dolls

I love these little saint dolls. They came out after my kids were too old for them. They would have been a must have for Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. They are just so cute!

9. Sidewalk Chalk

Just in time for spring! Sidewalk chalk is a fun way for kids to create anything. We still buy sidewalk chalk in our house. It's perfect for creating artwork outside.

10. Duck Racer Car

He's is so cute! I just had to share him. I wish I had a little one that would play with him.

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  1. Oh my gosh, great ideas! Pinning.

    Thanks Monique!

    1. Thanks, Chris. Hope your family is doing well.

  2. Great ideas! I like the play dough eggs ;)

    1. PLaydough is always fun to play with. Bubbles too!

  3. These are great ideas! The stuffed animals are always favorites in our house. :-)

    1. My kids love stuff animals too. We have way too many of them. Their beds are full!


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