Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

1. Lego Friends

Lego Friends were a big hit when they came out a few years ago. Therese loved how she could build the sets and then actually play with them. The bunnies in this set are adorable.

2. A Dairy

A diary is a great way to encourage kids to write. The owls on this one are cute.

3. Fuzzy Pens


What little girl doesn't want feather pens? I know I had a few as a kid.

4. Bracelet Making Kit

Therese loves creating bracelets. This charm bracelet kit looks like a lot of fun, especially if you do it with friends!

5. A Jump Rope

These are great for all ages. They can be used as jump ropes, lassos, etc. I know my kids go through jump ropes a lot. They never seem to last long in our house. Oddly, I never see them jumping rope with them. They tend to use them when they are off on their adventures.

6. Fun Note Pads


Cute, colorful, and girly note pads. Therese loves little booklets. She used them with her dolls. She uses them when playing store, restaurant. or being a vet. We can never have too many notepads in our house.

7. Easter Charm Bracelets

An Easter charm bracelet to wear to church and throughout the day.

8. Fuzzy Bunny Slippers for her doll

Fuzzy, bunny slippers! Are these not cute? What better way bring your daughter's doll into the holiday!

9. Raincoat Set for her doll

With this raincoat set, her doll will be ready for spring and all of its showers.

10. A Woodlands Animals Sewing Craft Kit

This is so cute! Therese would love this! I'm thinking this may be a keeper for her basket.
 It comes with a carrying case to keep it all contained so no pieces will get lost.

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