Saturday, February 25, 2017

C is for Curriculum~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

C is Curriculum!

Whether you're new to homeschooling or a veteran, choosing a homeschool curriculum can be fun, challenging, confusing, and down-right stressful. There are days you love looking at (and hoarding) curriculum, and then there are those days you just want to pull your hair out in frustration! Climbing back in bed and pulling the covers over your head sometimes feels appealing too.
There are so many choices out there to choose from. 
How does one decide?

Some families are lucky enough to find one curriculum that fits all their needs. We have friends that have used Sonlight, Seton, MODG, Kolbe Academy, Abeka, and LifePac from the beginning to the end. An all in one curriculum. It seems like it would be easier to use one curriculum for the duration of your homeschooling years. One curriculum that you know, love, and enjoy using!

We haven't been that lucky in the curriculum world of homeschooling. 
We've worked through a variety of curriculum. There are days I feel like we have tried everyone out there. I know we haven't, but it sure feels like that at times. Some curriculum choices we've loved and continued with, while and some we have not enjoyed (dare I say despised). After homeschooling 9 years, I've finally figured out that not all curriculum is equal, not all curriculum works for all students, and that it's O.K. to switch. Learning to switch and try something new was one rule that took a little time for me to get the hang of.
So repeat after me.....

It's perfectly fine to change curriculum that isn't working!

Over the years, we have loosely followed various homeschooling styles....Charlotte Mason, a Classical Approach, and even an Eclectic Approach. We've changed as the kids have grown and  their interests have changed. Changing styles has led to different curriculum. Deciding on the type of educational style you want to use will help you decide what curriculum will fit your needs.

The best advice I can give...... 

Be flexible 

Listen to the kids

Talk to other homeschool parents

and most importantly


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