Monday, February 27, 2017

D is for Down Time~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

D is for Downtime.... 

Like any other family, homeschooling families need down time too. Sometimes I think we may need more since we are together ALL THE TIME!

What do you do when things are crazy, hectic, out of control, and everyone is getting on each others nerves? Lessons are not going well, kids are frustrated, or losing hope?


Over the past 9 years, we have found a lot of ways to take a break and still learn as we do it.

1. Play a board game
2. Take a walk around the neighborhood
3. Head to the park
4. Watch a movie (or go to the movies)
5. Bake some yummy treats
6. Play with the dog (or any other animal)
7. Clean the house (make it fun)
8. Go swimming
9. Take a trip to the store
10, Visit the library
11. Play with Legos
12. Work on an art project
13. Go visit a creek
14. Go fishing
15. Schedule a play date with friends
16. Run around and play tag
17.Grab a book and go bird watching
18. Visit a museum
19. Plan a field trip
20. Go on a hike
21. Bring out the craft supplies and create something
22. Play with play-doh
23. Do a puzzle
24. Try a new science  experiment
25. Read a book 
26. Go bowling
27. Have fun at a children's museum
28. Go see a play
29. Put on your own play
30. Head to Mass
31. Volunteer or help someone who needs it
32. Ride a bike or scooter
33. Have a karaoke battle
34. Dance around the house
35. Plan a field day
36. Visit the local fair
37. Swing on the swings
38. Run around and pretend to be airplanes
39. Draw with sidewalk chalk
40. Blow bubbles
41. Run through the sprinkler
42. Go on a safari in your own backyard
43. Play mini-golf
44. Go on a scavenger hunt
45. Plant some flowers or veggies
46. Have a race
47. Play Wii Sports (fun on a rainy day)
48. Visit Grandma and Grandad 
49. Learn a new skill (sewing, jewelry making, wood burning, carving)
50. Use your imagination and PLAY!

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