Friday, May 5, 2017

M is for Making Changes and Math~ Blogging through the Alphabet

Thanks for joining me again for the Blogging Through the Alphabet with A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool. This week's letter is M, so we are talking about Math!

M is for Making Changes and Math

O.K. I was going to talk about math, but we are currently making a few changes in that department. So I decided to write a post about making changes in your homeschool.

This is something I needed to be reminded of.
I know this is a hard concept to get used to. It seems to go against our nature. We want to stick with things and we don't want to give up. Who wants to raise kids that are quitters? Not me. As parents, we need to realize that not all curriculum will work for your children. Curriculum that worked for one child may nit work for another. A curriculum that was working may suddenly stop working. 
That's were we are with math. 
Michael has been using Saxon Math since 3rd grade. We used Abeka math for 1st and 2nd because we found the books really cheap at our local thrift store. I liked Abeka, but switched to Saxon Math because it came highly recommend. Michael enjoyed it. Math came easily to him. He could easily read a lesson and complete the work with very little help. He's still that way. Last year, math suddenly became a chore. He started to dislike math (hate math is a more accurate description). He found Saxon boring and tedious. I fought it and encouraged him to stay with it since so many people recommend it. This year, it's only gotten worse. Math is a dread part of our day and I'll be honest I cant take it anymore. This mama can not take anymore gray hairs popping up on her head from the stress. 
So we are currently looking for recommendations for math. I'm looking at Teaching Textbooks, Jacob's Algebra , and Life of Fred.
Have you used any of those? 
I'd love to hear thoughts!

Till Next Time,

This post is a few week late, but it's better late than never.

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  1. Hi, I have heard good things about teaching textbooks. It seems they are good at correcting problems right away, so the child can see mistakes and not keep making the same ones. Also I think it gives them more practice as they need. We are doing well with Saxon. But only because the oldest can correct the others work and help them when I cannot. We are definitely having more trouble with reading though. We should get together soon!


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