Thursday, May 25, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Yellow National Park~ Day 1

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After our morning journey on the Beartooth Highway, we came to the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. It seemed like it had taken us forever to finally reach this majestic sight. We were eager and ready to start exploring. 

One our first day through Yellowstone National Park, we would travel across the park. We needed to get to the West Entrance in order to get to our hotel. Our travels would take a few hours normally, but since we were going to be stopping to view different aspects of the park it was going to take even longer.

As we round our way through the park, we came across the Lamar Valley. The Lamar Valley is nicknamed the Serengeti of North America. It is a must see if you travel to the park. Here is where you will see herds of Bison and Elk. You may even spot a wolf, coyote, or bear. 

Immediately upon entering the valley, we were greeted with a herd of bison. They were breathtaking. It was gazing at cows in farm fields back home. There were so many. Of course, the kids were thrilled to see all the bison. I was too.

While traveling through the park, we saw mountain goats, elk, a black bear, an osprey, and tons of other birds. 

We drove by Soda Butte. It's a travertine mound formed over a century ago from a hot spring.

We were awed by the vastness of the land. It is beautiful. We saw rivers and of course plenty of small hot springs.

We are lucky that this park was created and set aside for all to see the beauty that God has created.

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