Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Classically Catholic Memory~ Delta Year Week 13

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John 15:5

The kids opened up their Bibles, found the verse, and then read it. After reading the Bible verse, they worked on their cursive handwriting worksheet I had created for them.

Latin~Tantum Ergo

We started a new hymn this week, the Tantum Ergo. This hymn pays tribute to our Lord in the Eucharist and in the Blessed Trinity. It's comprised of the last two verses of the Pange lingua that was written by Saint Thomas Aquinas. To learn this hymn in Latin, we are using the Chant CD. Whenever we start a new hymn, we listen to it in Latin and then the translation into English so that we know what we are singing.

History~ World War I

We checked out a few new books from the library to help with our learning.


For our study on World War I, we finished up Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers U.S. History Study, The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression. It has wonderful notes, hands-on projects, and fantastic lapbook the kids get to put together.

Science~ Skeletal System

This week, we learned about the 206 bones we have and all about the parts of the skeletal system.

Here are a few resources we used to learn more about the skeletal system.

Math~ Meters

1 centimeter= 10 millimeters
100 cm= 1 meter
1,000 meters= 1 kilometers

We didn't spend too much on this. Both of the kids math books have a unit that covers the Metric System. They get plenty of practice when they are working through their math books. When they were little, I'd have then recite along with the CD.


We're still learning about the countries in Africa. We labeled our map and then the kids worked on their notebook pages over the two weeks.

Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page

South Sudan
Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page

Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page

Ethiopia/Addis Abada
Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page
Outline Map

Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page

Outline Map
Flag Coloring Page

Great Words~

We are still working our way through My Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. If you new to our CCM journey, you can click on the first few weeks to see what we have done to go along with this poem. We also memorize the poem, but we spend some time learning about the poet too.

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