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TOS Review for Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods Review

Recently, we were given the opportunity to learn about Egypt using Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt from Home School in the Woods for The Schoolhouse Review Crew. For the past few weeks, we have been traveling back in time and learning about Ancient Egypt.

                     Home School in the Woods Review

For this review, we received the down loadable version. Have trouble downloading files with your internet? You can also buy the Project Passport Cd's on their website. We have slow internet, so I downloaded mine at our local library.

So what is Project Passports: Ancient Egypt?

Project Passports are a history unit study. During your unit study, students will make 25 stops. On each stop, students will learn about Ancient Egypt through readings, hands-on projects, and fun activities. The stops will cover about 8-12 weeks. Over the weeks, students will visit interesting places, meet new people, and learn about historical events. Project Passports are a wonderful hands-on learning tool. I love when my kids get engaged and work on projects that increase their knowledge of a particular subject. I find that they remember more about what we are learning when they can get actively involved in the learning. While traveling through Egypt, students will learn about a variety of topics!

With all those topics, you can't go wrong with using Project Passport!

So How to Use Project Passport?

The first thing I did was look through all the files to get familiar with what we would be doing over the next few weeks. I dug out an old 2 inch binder and made my own book for the print outs. I printed out the introduction, the travel plans ( a guide about what we will do each week/spot), and the teacher's answer keys. I went one stop further and printed out the itinerary pages for each stop. I like being able to open up a book and see what we will be doing each week. It helps me plan better.

After reading through the first few stops, we started our travels. We really liked how out he first stop, the kids get to create a passport to log their journey.  If you continue on with other Project Passport studies they can keep adding to it! The kids even make a suitcase to keep hold their travel journal pages.

The unit study had us doing books for a lapbook and filling in pages in for our scrapbook. The kids worked on a variety of pages. They filed in a timeline. They learned about topics like the social pyramid on the Egyptian society, Egyptian clothing, jobs people would have held, and Egyptian food. They filled in travel logs and had fun writing notes on the newspapers. Of course, they learned about mummies too!

Through out our travels, the kids filled in their Egyptian map. I like how they added a few things at a time. It wasn't overwhelming for them. Another nice feature is that they include labels your child can cut out and glue to label the map. So if you child still writes too large for maps, all they have to do is cut and paste. I kept the labels paper clipped to the back of the map for safe keeping. I had my kids write on the maps. I liked how the map had lines were the kids were supposed to label. This helped with my kids learning to write smaller!

What did we think of Project Passport?

It's a great unit study! Very detailed. I will say it takes a lot of time to print out and prepare the pages. When I first opened the files, it was a little overwhelming. There is a lot of information! Once I read through it all it was easy to get started. The only problem I encountered was printing out the pages that needed to be printed. They took a long time to load for some reason. I found this a little frustrating. I felt like I wasted a lot of time waiting. We have satellite for internet so this may have been the problem. Other than that issue, I really enjoyed the lessons and projects.  Reading and planning ahead are essential! 

As far as supplies go, we have a huge bin of craft/art supplies, so must of them we did have. A few we had to go out and purchase. I would have like a separate supply page list. This would be easier to see what was needed. Maybe a supply check list for parents to check off what they have and what they need.

Project Passport is filled with tons of options! You can choose to do it all or pick the what will work best for your kids. They offer ideas for games, food, hands- on projects, extra book resources, and even DVDs to watch to complement the lessons. 

We enjoyed our travels so much that I am ordering the actual Cd's for the upcoming school year. We will be studying the Civil War and the Western Expansion. I love how everything is all laid out for me. Less work for me! I know my kids will enjoy learning more about U.S. history with this program!

Want to learn more about Home School in the Woods? 
Head on over to their social media pages and see what they have to offer!

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