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TOS Review for Shape Whiz from SimplyFun

Simply Fun Review
Want to have some fun while learning math? I'm sure you kids do! Too often kids find math boring and tedious.  So as good parents, we are always looking for something to make it a little more exciting. Shape Whiz from SimplyFun is a great game to get kids interested in geometry. Wouldn't it be nice to have kids eager to learn some new math? I know I would love to see smiles, instead of hearing groans, when we sit down to do our math work.

SimplyFun games is a wonderful company that creates games for children and adults. With over 100 award winning products, there is something for everyone! SimplyFun games encourage kids to learn and use the knowledge they have gained. Their games encourage language development, math skills, critical thinking, spatial learning, and so much more. They offer games for all ages....preschoolers to adults. They have games dealing with math, Shakespeare, strategy, and patterns. They have tons of cute games for preschoolers and younger kids. After browsing the site, I really wanted some younger kiddos to play games with. Who wouldn't want to play a matching garden game or a game with bubble bees. So cute!

For this review, we received the Shape Whiz game in the mail. The games sells for $24.00. The game is well made and the box is very sturdy. It definitely will not fall apart like so many game boxes today. The cards are thick and sturdy. They will not wear out or tear easily. This game was made to last through the years.

Simply Fun Review
So what is the Shape Whiz game all about?

Shape Whiz is a game that encourages kids to master the basic principles of geometry. The game is for ages 10 and up. It takes about 15-20 minutes to play. You can play with 2-5 players. The game comes with 80 Shape cards, 40 Whiz cards, and a rules booklet. The knowledge of 2D Geometry figures and shape measurements are used in this game. 
How do you play it?

Players will use their knowledge of geometry to be the first player to find the shape that fits the geometry clue. In order to get the win, all the players must agree the shape fits the clue. If players are unsure or if they decide that it does not match, players can easily flip the card over to check the facts. The back of the Shape card lets you know what clues it will fit.
Does you shape have 90 degree angles?
Does your shape have two sides with the same length?
The clues on the back make it easy for kids to check their answers.
The first player to empty their "personal" shape card pile wins! Players need to be quick because other players can take cards from each other. Whoever spots the card first, snatches it, and plays it gets the credit. 
What did the kids think about the game?

Well in my house, I have one child that does well in math and enjoys games were he has to figure things out. My other child doesn't like math! When I mentioned that we were going to play a new game and that it involved geometry, she was not to thrilled.  I dealt the first round and it was a little confusing for them. Neither of my kids have had too much exposure to geometry. They have been introduced to a few of the basics .....shapes, angles, etc. Some of the terms they had never heard of. I did have to explain it to them so that did take out the speed aspect of the game., but they were still learning.
It did take us a little while to get the hang of the game. Trying to find the right shape could be a little tricky. The game comes with 2 levels. We started out on the easier level and have stayed there since my kids need to build up their knowledge of geometry.
Shape Whiz is a game of speed. Whoever gets it first wins. A game of speed is a great way to encourage a little competition. Of course, any mom knows that siblings love to compete against each other. I do think that the more you play, the easier it will be to see the shape you need. I love how the game encourages kids to use their fast thinking skills. It's a effective way for kids to learn the basics and get them memorized. I do think that your kids need some geometry background for the game to make sense. My youngest, who is 10, had the hardest time. She is a grade behind in math right now, so the game was rather difficult for her. She really didn't like it. My son picked up the game rather quickly, but math is his thing. A few of the clues stumped me, but geometry was not my favorite back in high school. We will definitely use this game more when my kids really start to get into geometry. It's fun and quick to play. It can easily be added to your daily schedule.
Overall I think, Shape Whiz is a great game to get kids to learn about geometry without them really knowing it. When kids learn things in a fun and creative way, they will remember what they have learned. It's like it becomes part of them. This game is a win-win for everyone!

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