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TOS Review for With Lee In Virginia

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
Today, I get to share with you a fantastic audio book on CD called With Lee in Virginia from Heirloom Audio Productions. With Lee in Virginia was adapted from the book, With Lee in Virginia, by G.E. Henty. With Lee in Virginia is the third production from the company. This is our second story from Heirloom Audio Productions. A few months ago, we reviewed In Freedom's Cause about William Wallace.

I was very excited to receive this opportunity to review and share this story with my kids (and you). This year in history, we will be learning about the Civil War. I thought this would be a great way to get the kids interested in their upcoming lessons. Kind of like a little teaser to wet their appetites!

For this review, we received the 2 disk Cd set in a durable case. We were given access to the down loadable study guide for the story. This summer has been busy with summer camps, so we listened to the Cd's while traveling back and forth from camp. We were able to listen to the entire story in 2 days.....about 2 hours in the car. It was a great way to help pass the time while traveling in the car.

With Lee in Virginia is a story about the Civil War. In the story you will meet Vincent Wingfield. You will follow the life and journey of this 15 year old young man. Vincent is eager for adventure and determined to fight for his home so he joins the Army of Northern Virginia. While fighting, he meets and serves under some very famous Civil War generals.....Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson,  Jeb Stuart, and Robert E. Lee. I'm sure you have heard a few of those names before.
During the battles, Vincent sees what war is really like. He sees the devastation and death. The devastation of the war touches him personally. Vincent learns the importance of virtue and valor, determination and courage and how to be true to one's character.

The story is written well and allows listeners to see what the Civil War was really like. It brings up all the reasons for the war. It gives listeners an insight into why the South fought so hard during the war. It wasn't just to keep slaves. Many southerns were against slavery. Many never even owned slaves. We hear the sadness and witness the turmoil men faced as they fought against their friends, family, and fellow Americans. It truly was a war of brothers against brothers. While traveling about and fighting, Vincent reads his father's Bible and sees the strong faith of his leaders, like General Robert E. Lee.
Vincent grows into a fine young man. By watching the men around him, he see the importance of living up to one's own duty. We all have a role in this world and we need to live up to the plan God has for us.

The story is wonderfully told with some very famous actors lending their talents to the tale. Kirk Cameron, Sean Austin, Brian Blessed, and Jim Weiss are just a few of the voices you will recognize. The sound affects make the story realistic and places you there during the battles.

Our Thoughts.....

We enjoyed the story very much. It was easy to follow and held the kids attention. They eagerly waited to see what would happen next. As soon as we got in the car, they were pushing the play button. Both my kids liked listening to this story. They both found it was easier to follow than In Freedom's Cause. If you are learning about the Civil War, we would recommend adding this to your lesson plans. An added bonus it the study guide that goes along with the story. It provides discussion questions, thought provoking ideas, and vocabulary to help the kids learn some new words. I printed it out to follow along and I know we will definitely use it again when we get to the Civil War later on in our school year. I'm sure we will listen to the Cd again too!

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