Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Day 3~ The Legend of the Poinsettia

On day three of Advent, we focused on the Poinsettia.

We read the story
The Legend of the Poinsettia
Tomie dePaola

We learned about the legend of the poinsettia. It's a wonderful story that reinforces that we all have a gift we can bring to Jesus. No matter how small it is. Jesus is love. 
I love Tomie dePaola stories. They are beautifully done and are so rich in the faith.

After our story, we created a Poinsettia garland for the window in our school room.

Supplies Needed
Green, Red, and Yellow construction paper

How to Make
Trim the green and red construction paper into squares.
Fold the green paper in half and then fold in half again.
Holding the inside corner, trim the green paper into a leaf shape. 
Open it up and you will have a 4 pointed leaf connected in the middle.

Fold the red square in half and in half again, just like the green paper.
Holding the inside corner, trim the paper to form the petals. 
You can trim it to keep them together, but we didn't. 
We made 4 large petals and glued them down. 
Then we made 4 small petals and glued them on top of the big petals.
Using a hole punch, create the yellow flower of the poinsettia. 
We used the erasure of a pencil to push the yellow dots on to the glue.
It was less sticky for your fingers that way.

We made a hole in one of the petals and tied some green ribbon to hang them up.

We made a festive poinsettia garland for our window.

Hope you are having a blessed Advent!


  1. I found your post at Family Fun Friday. I love these kind of crafts where you learn about something while doing the craft! I pinned this and I'm going to share this on my blog Facebook page too :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is such a pretty craft! I chose this as one of my favorites in the Hearts for Home Blog Hop, and I'm featuring it on my blog this week. Thanks for linking up! You can stop by and grab an "I was featured button" if you'd like!


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