Thursday, September 3, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory Gamma Year~ Week 11



We colored in our Outline Maps for New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. We labeled the state's capitals.


We are still learning the Anima Christi. We have been listening to the CCM cd and saying the prayer on our own.
I did find a wonderful resource over at Catholic Sistas that breaks down the prayer (in English) line by line. This is a fantastic resource for older children and adults. I'm sure it can be adapted for younger children too.

The next few weeks we will continue to learn different verses from the bible. I love how CCM spends the first have teaching the Catechism and then spends the second of the weeks showing the kids were in the Bible we can find what was being taught during the Catechism section.
For the Bible verses, we read the section out of the CCM book, then we find it in the Bible. This is a great way to help kids navigate the Bible. I have the kids practice reciting the verse, they filled in the cursive worksheet I made, and they write it down in their religion notebook.

Great Words~
The Declaration of Independence

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Over at The Notebooking Nook you can find a variety of resources to use when studying about the Declaration of books, notebooking pages, flashcards, etc.

Here are a list of coloring pages to go along with the Declaration of Independence
Reading the Declaration of Independence
Independence Hall
Signing of the Declaration of Independence


We completed a free lapbook about the Boston Tea Party. You can find it at Homeschool Helper Online. We read a few books that we had borrowed from the library.


Boston Tea Party Coloring Pages
Coloring Page #1
Coloring Page #2
Coloring Page #3

Here is a fun art project that can be done during this week's study of the Boston Tea party.

If you have a Lego fan, you can have them recreate the Boston Tea party.


To learn the multiples of 12, we used the multiplication flash cards to get quicker them. 
I reinforced the multiples of 12 by having the kids work on a few worksheets I made at

Electricity, Electricity!
We read the section about electricity in our Real Science 4 Kids
The kids worked on an electricity word search.
They also worked on various electricity worksheets I found on Super Worksheets. Some of the pages are free, while others are only for members. They have so many other worksheets available that membership is definitely worth it!
Of course, we did a few of the experiments from the book too.

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