Thursday, September 24, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 18

It's hard to believe we have finished up another year using the Classically catholic Memory Curriculum. Over the years I have found I love things about it but dislike some things too. I love how we can take what works for us and use, but leave out what doesn't work.

We are finishing up with the rivers and seas from the Southwest and the Caribbean. We did our usual work.
Here are the links to the maps we used.
Outline Map of the United States
Outline Map of Mexico and Central America

We did end the year on a test. I tested their knowledge of the 50 states. They did fairly well. All those rectangle states can trick you up. I'm not too worried, as we continue on our state study they will learn more,

We are finishing up the Anima Christi.

We have worked on learning this prayer in English and Latin the few weeks. I am so proud on how well they have done. I love praying this prayer when we enter the church and are praying before Mass starts. I love gazing upon the crucifix and reciting this prayer to our Lord.

Love your enemies....oh this can be so hard at times.
I had the children read their bibles, copy the verse on their cursive worksheet, and copy the verse into their religion notebook to help them memorize the verse.

We talked about how we could do this in everyday life.

  • Being nice to those that might make fun of us
  • Share items at co-op with kids who may not be nice or annoy you
  • Greet everyone with a friendly smile
  • Allow everyone to play in a game
  • Forgive those who may have been mean to us
  • Do something nice for someone who may have been mean to us     

I found this lesson to help kids understand this important teaching from Jesus. I found another great lesson for younger kids here.

One thing I stressed to my kids is that we may not get along with everyone or want to be best friends with everyone, but we do need to include them in group activities (at co-op, church functions,etc) and treat them with love and respect.

Great Words~
This week we worked on learning the last two sections of the Concord Hymn. By the end of the second week, the kids had it down pat. We never stop reciting the first sections we learn. We just keep adding on!

The War of 1812

For this weeks lesson, we read from Pioneers and Patriots. The kids read a few books we picked out at the library about this 2 year war.
For activities and projects, we cheated a little. In an effort to make things easier for this mama, I bought History Study Time Travelers: The Early 19th Century from Home School in the Woods! It has tons of great projects, resources, and information about this time period. No searching or digging up information. The kids made a flap book that will go into their 19th century lap book.
Our goal is to get up to Fort McHenry sometime this fall. I went there on a field trip when I was around 7 or 8. I remember enjoying it.

Simple Machines
I have to admit, this was an easy lesson for us. Michael really became interested in robots and all things like that at Christmas. He got all types of goodies this past Christmas to help with this learning.
I found all types of worksheets at Super Teacher Worksheets. Some are free, while others can only be used by members.
They did have cute little book for kids to put together.

We also have the advantage of a wonderful kids museum near us. It has a whole section devoted to simple machines! You check it out.

I found this great lesson online that explains how to find the volume of a cube or box. It has great graphics and it explains it in a simple easy way for kids to understand and mamas too.

The kids worked on a few worksheets.
Worksheet #1
Worksheet #2
Super Teachers Worksheets has a few pages too.

Hope you had fun working with us through Classically catholic Memory's Gamma Year!

See you next time with Delta year,

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