Saturday, September 5, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 12

This week, we started learning about Mexico and Central America! We did our usual......we labeled the map, filled in our worksheets throughout the 2 weeks. We used the unlabeled side of the map to see what the kids had learned.
Blank map of Mexico
Blank map of Central America

We are still learning the Anima Christi.

"Peter and on this rock I will build my Church."

Coloring Page of Peter receiving the keys. I use this one for my CCD class.
The kids created a rock necklace. You can find the instructions here.
Here is mosaic craft I found online, but didn't get a chance to do with my kids. We may do it for St. Peter's feast day this year.

If you want to learn more about how we learn the Bible verse, please read week 10 and week 11.

Great Words~ 
The Declaration of Independence
For the next weeks, the kids will be working through the rest of the Declaration. If you need ideas, please check out my posts for Week 10 and Week 11.

This week in history, we are learning about the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, and America's quest for freedom.
First off, we read a few books about the Declaration of Independence and America's journey to independence.


We worked on the projects in our History Pocket American Revolution book!

Electricity & Magnetism
We read from our Real Science 4 Kids science book.
We completed a few of the experiments from the book. The kids learned All About Magnets.
They even built their own Electromagnet!
You can find instructions here.

Here are two worksheets to help kids learn about polygons.
Worksheet #1 
Worksheet #2

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