Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 13

This week the kids continued their journey through Central America and crossed over the Gulf of Mexico to learn a few islands nearby. The kids once again labeled the map and worked on their maps.
Outline Map of Central America
Outline Map of the Caribbean Islands

Throughout the year, the kids have been creating a geography notebook. As we learned a new area, the added new maps to their notebook. At the end of the 2 weeks, I would test them on what they had learned (memorized). I have been pleasantly surprised with what they have learned. Their minds are like little sponges.


The kid are still working on learning the Anima Christi in Latin. I have added the extra work of learning this prayer in English, so they have their work cut out for them.

This weeks Bible verse deals with the Spirit of Truth. The kids worked on reciting the verse daily. The first day, they did the cursive worksheet I made over at Worksheet Works. A few days later they added the verse to their religion notebook.
A great hands-on way to reinforce this verse would be a Holy Spirit craft.
Jennifer at Catholic Inspired has a huge selection of craft ideas for kids.

Great Words~
The Declaration of Independence
For the next weeks, the kids will be working through the rest of the Declaration. If you need ideas, please check out my posts for Week 10 and Week 11.

This week the kids have jumped right on into the American Revolution. The CCM book recommends 2 weeks for each week listed. For this topic, we spent a lot more time on it. My kids have been waiting to learn about America, so I have been adding a lot of extras.
During the next few weeks, they worked on the projects from the History Pockets American Revolution.

Therese read the American Girl Felicity books. I was going to have her work on a lapbook for the books, but we ran out of time with everything else going on.
Michael is reading Johnny Tremain. He is enjoying it, even though he complained about having to read it. Funny boy!

We did bits and pieces from an American Revolution lapbook I found online.

This week, the kids are learning about sound! The kids read from Real Science 4 Kids Physics book.
They worked on two different worksheets.
What is Sound?
Speed of Sound

The kids did a few of the suggested activities from the CCM text.
For little ones, making tin can phone is a fun way to show them how sound vibrations travel.

The kids worked on memorizing this weeks math fact.
To help reinforce this week work, I found two worksheets online.

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