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TOS Review~ LearnBop for Families from LearnBop

If you're a regular reader, you are well aware that Therese struggles with her math skills. We were extremely excited to get a 12 month subscription for her to LearnBop for Families from LearnBop. LearnBop for Families is a new math program for homeschoolers. The program has been used in schools for awhile now. This is a wonderful opportunity for homeschooling families.

LearnBop for Families Review
So What is LearnBop?
LearnBop is an interactive math learning system for K-12 mathematics. Its main focus is for children in grades 3rd-12th. LearnBop uses a step by step approach for each student. This step by step approach is like having a tutor in your home. The program actually adjusts in real time to your child's need. There goal is to close that gap many children have when learning math.
So How Did We Use LearnBop for Families?
For this review, we received the Single Student Plan of LearnBop for Families. This 12 month subscription allows Therese to work through the lesson at her own pace. 
We logged in and Therese created her profile. She was able to pick her profile picture from a selection provided. 

She chose a young girl that looked like she was traveling to Paris! She wants to visit France. so I wasn't surprised by her selection. After completing her profile. She was given a short assessment test. These few questions allowed the LearnBop program to figure out where she needed to start. She placed in Grade 5!
The main page is called the Dashboard. This is where Therese can see what she's done and where she is going. The top of the page has tabs for quick review. She can click and instantly see where she is on her learning roadmap, her progress chart, and the achievements she has earned!
  Under her profile, she can see her activity for the past 7 days. She can see how many videos she has watched, LearnBops (lessons) she has completed, how many hours she has worked on the program, what concepts she has mastered, how many units she has completed, her achievements, and what her log in streak has been (how many days she has logged-in in a row).
LearnBop for Families Review
The dashboard shows what unit she is currently working on and provides her with her learning roadmap. The roadmap is the path she is taking in the LearnBop math program. Therese placed in grade 5, so her roadmap began there. She has slowly been working through the program trying to master the concepts she has been struggling with. Division is here nemesis! 

Each lesson is broken up into concepts. Each new concept is taught in the same steps.

Video # 1
Video # 2
Video # 3
Video # 4 (An optional video lesson)
Solve Bops

The video introduces the new concept, explains the new concept, and shows children how to work and use the new concepts. The videos provide step by step instruction on how to figure out new problems. The Solve Bops are the practice problems for the child to do. The child can not move on until he/she achieves a 90% mastery level. The child (or parent) can choose to continue practicing the new concept with more problems or move on to the next concept once they achieve the 90% mastery level.
LearnBop for Families Review

What We Thought of LearnBop?

I was very impressed with this program. Since we had stopped using her math textbook, we used this program as her main math for the rest of our school year. Yes, she is still working through it and will continue during the summer months. While sitting with her, I was impressed on how well they explained new concepts. Simple and easy to understand! I'll admit they explained ways to to multiplication like I had never seen before.

Here's the way I know......

4312 x 4= 17,248

Here is how they explained it to Therese......

4000 x 4= 16,000    300 x 4= 1200    10 x 4= 40    2 x 4= 8

16,000 + 1200 + 40 + 8= 17,248

so...... 4312 x 4= 17,248

She thought this was so easy. She didn't get stressed and was able to do it immediately! I loved seeing her smile when she had completed the section and had gained some new confidence in her math skills!

I have to say this is has been the best online math program we have tried so far. Therese eagerly asks to do her math work in the morning (even during summer break). This is a wonderful program that thoroughly explains math concepts and builds a struggling student's confidence.
We give it 5 Stars!

Therese says she really likes it. She doesn't love it but that's because she doesn't like math. She enjoys the videos and says they are great to watch. She also said that the math is explained very well.

Want to learn more about this fantastic math program from LearnBop?
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LearnBop for Families Review
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  1. your daughter and my son... math the nemesis! :) Isn't it nice when they find a program that works?


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