Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Classically Catholic Memory~ Delta Year Week 5

South America

We labeled the map on the first day of the week as was always do. For the rest of the week, the kids worked on the different countries maps and flags. They colored in each new country on to their original blank map of South America. Their map is almost finshed!

Blank Map of South America

We are working our way through South America.

Peru & Lima
Peru's Flag
Bolivia's Flag
Paraguay's Flag
Uruguay's Flag

We labeled the Parana River and Lake Titicaca onto a blank map of South America.


This week did a fun craft from Jen at Catholic Inspired that shows the true meaning of the Eucharist.

If your kids enjoy coloring pages, Lacy at Catholic Icing has a wonderful coloring page that helps kids realize that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. She also has a great lesson idea to teach kids all about Transubstantiation using a ball and some paint.

Latin~ Gloria

Please see how we learn Latin under the CCM page tab at the top of this page.

Science~ Seed Dispersal

This week we talked about the 4 ways seeds are dispersed. Since my kiddos are a little older, I had them take notes in their science notebook. Living in the country and having our own garden, we have talked about this plenty of times before. We looked through a few books we found at the library about seeds and talked about all the ways seeds are dispersed.

I did find a great online resource with a wonderful collection of seed pictures. It provided a printable worksheet for the kids to have handy. It would be perfect for an outdoor scavenger hunt!

Other resources I found that we used bits and pieces from.....

Scattering Seed lesson plan for grades 6th-8th
Seed Dispersal mini lesson for grades 3rd-5th
Seeds on the Move lesson plan for grades 1st-4th

The Missouri Compromise & Kansas-Nebraska Act


The Early 19th Century history unit study from HomeSchool in the Woods we've been using had a section about both of these topics. We used the resources provided and then I found a few more online. 

Missouri Compromise

Kansas-Nebraska Act
Lesson plan for grades 9th-12th (good for parent to learn more about it)

I did print a blank map of the United States and have the kids color in the states that were free states and slave states. It's a great visual for them.

We checked out a few books from the library to read more about it.

Great Words~
O Captain, My Captain!


We added the next few lines to our study. We read the poem together adding the next few lines. After reading it together 2-3 times, I had Michael and Therese try to recite the poem separately. They'll spend the next two weeks learning the new section. We read a little more about Walt Whitman.

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