Monday, November 4, 2013

Learning Our Prayers

This year in CCD, my first graders are working on learning their prayers.

The children will be working on the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be.
To help them learn their prayers, I decided to make a book for them to take home and use.
I went online and did a quick search of prayer books for kids and saw a variety of ideas from traditional booklets, birds, sheep, bees, frogs, and praying hands.
I liked the animal shaped book ideas.

I decided to use the idea of frogs. My class is filled with boys. Over half of my students are boys this year, so I thought a frog would be more interesting to them.
I knew they would have fun making the frog prayer booklets.

To encourage them to learn their prayers, I created a bulletin board on one of our classroom walls.

I printed out a coloring page of a frog, cut the frogs out, and then colored the frogs.
Princess P helped color the frogs. She has become my little helper.
We gave each frog a name of a student.
I took green construction paper and cut it into the shape of a lily pad.
On each lily pad, I wrote the prayers each student is required to learn this year.

I placed the lily pads onto my wall and then sat a frog on each lily pad.
Above the frogs, I have the title..."We are Hoppy to Know Our Prayers"
Lego Man came up with that cute phrase.
Once a prayer is learned we will check the prayer off on their lily pad. When all 4 prayers are learned, the children will receive a small token.
A prayer card, a rosary, a medal, etc.
They were eager to start making their prayer frog books.

To make the frog booklets, you will need green construction paper, white or cream paper, googly eyes, and a marker.

Here is my frog. 
Yes, I know it would look much better as a turtle. Maybe I will do turtles next year!
I cut 2 large circles out of green construction paper for the body of my frog.
I then cut four legs. 
The kids glued the four legs to the bottom circle.

I then created a circle with each prayer in it. I then copied the sheets until I had enough for my class.

I was going to add googly eyes to the frog but I couldn't find out supply. I just ended up drawing two eyes and a mouth.

The kids loved making their "frogs" and were very eager to get home and read their prayers!

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