Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....puppy training.

I have a feeling this is going to be a big part of my life for awhile. Maddie, or jaws as I call her, eats everything. Stuff animals, Lego's, doll clothes, cat toys, pencils, markers, pens, furniture, shoes, and more shoes! I honestly think she thinks her name is No, No. I have been catching up on laundry again. I get it all caught up, slack a few days, and fall behind again. You would seriously think I would learn not to slack off a few days. It doesn't help that the puppy likes to use the potty on our small area rugs.
I have started to plan lessons and projects to do to celebrate the Advent season.

I actually have taken a notebook and assigned a page to each day. I have finding fun activities to do each day. My plan is to write down what we will do each day that way I don't forget or lose my ideas. I am trying to have things planned out a little better this year. I used to be very good at that, but the past 2 years I have not been on top of things like that. I need to dig out our Jesse Tree, so we have it ready for Sunday, December 1st.

In our homeschool this week....just plain, old school. Reading, Math, English, History, Science, etc. Nothing too exciting this week. We have been too busy with the new furry member of the family. We did head to the library to check our books for our new state study~ Maryland. I still need to get Massachusetts posted. In history, we have started talking about the Vikings. While researching online, I have find so many fun projects to do. I can't wait to do them with the kids and share them! I am still waiting for All About Spelling to come in for Princess P. It is supposed to be in this Saturday. My goal is to start it on December 2.

What I am Reading....nothing at the moment. I have too many projects to get done between now and Christmas.

What I am working on.... Christmas presents and Ideas for Christmas presents!

 I am currently knitting a scarf for a friend for Christmas. I still need to finish the tree skirt for the Christmas tree and the stockings for the fire place. I am also looking at fabric I have an planning on the skirts I want to make. My goal is start sewing and selling skirts for little girls in January. I may even start with doing ladies, if the girls skirts do well. I am looking into setting up an Etsy shop. Once I get it going I have links to it on this blog. I am planning on having a giveaway to start when I get it up and running.
Please keep me in your prayers as I start this huge journey.

What the kids are reading.....Lego Man is reading a Despicable Me book(based on the movie) that Grandma sent him. Princess P is finishing up the American Girl Molly book.

What Princess P is working on....learning to cross stitch. We found a beautiful flower pattern for her to do. The fabric comes with the pattern already imprinted on it. She has 6 squares to do and when she is finished, she can make them into a 6 block lap quilt. So later on she will learn how to quilt to. She is so excited and is loving it!

What I am praying grandfather. He has good days and bad days, which we understand at this stage of his life. I pray he starts to feel better soon. If God chooses not to heal him, that is fine too. I just pray God takes him peacefully. He has lived a long, full life. I know my grandmother is waiting for him in Heaven.I have started talking to the kids about death and how great-grandaddy's time is short. They wish he could get better, but know that Heaven is where our real life is.

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  1. Ah, puppies. SO much fun, but SO much work!!! Good thing she's adorable! ;)


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