Thursday, November 14, 2013

We're Going on a Hike.....

 A few weekends ago, we had a wonderfully warm Saturday. We decided to spend the day as a family enjoying the fall beauty God had given us. We loaded ourselves up in the car and headed to a state park not too far from our house.

We stopped at a local deli/restaurant for a picnic lunch and some apple cider doughnuts that were fresh from the oven.
This restaurant was hopping. I think we waited 30 minutes just to place our order. There were people everywhere. The service was quick though. I think we only waited about 15 minutes for our homemade lunches.
Once the lunches were loaded into the car, we headed to the park. We found a wonderful spot, with a picnic table, right along the water.

After our lunch and a walk along the bank of the river, we decided to check out the visitors center. It was a beautiful wooden building that fit in perfectly with the surroundings. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it.
The visitor center had a learning area with a display of the natural wildlife that could be found in our area.

A red fox

Falcons, owls, woodpeckers....we have seen all of these beautiful creatures in our own backyard

Princess P reading about different textures of bark.

A brown bear.

A mountain lion

An indoor waterfall to help create this fantastic display of God's creatures.

After leaving the visitor center, we picked a trail to walk. It was a great day to go for a hike. 
Not too hot and not too cold.

I so want to live this in this little valley!

I just loved how the light was shinning through the clouds in this picture. It was more amazing in person.

We finished up our hike together as a family and started to head for home. Along the way, my husband saw a sign for a covered bridge. We detoured off the path and went to see it.

I love the look of a covered bridge. It reminds me of days gone past.

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