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These pictures are not from this week, but last week was a little hectic, crazy and sad around here. Now when we look out the window, the trees are bare thanks to some cold, windy days.
The colors and landscape were so beautiful that I wanted to share the beauty God created.

I have lived a few other places in my life, but so far this area is the most beautiful. I love the view of the mountains. The fall foliage was at the end of their peak this weekend but it was absolutely stunning!

A patch of delicate purple flowers along the hiking path we took.

I would love to have a house nestled in this quaint, little valley. It looks so peaceful down there.
While standing at the time, I could easily picture the children and the dog running around.

Out of tragedy comes something wonderful and awfully cute. 
After losing their beloved puppy last week, the children were obviously saddened. Lego Man, whose birthday is this week, asked for a new puppy for his birthday. So we sat down and discussed it. We knew a new puppy would be a lot work, but it would help heal the pain we all were feeling. 
After picking up this sweet bundle of fur, we saw smiles and even heard a few giggles from the backseat as they received puppy kisses.

Well, our pig got out 3 times this week! Being chased by a 300 pound pig is not funny. 
At least, I didn't think so!

I'm sure if the neighbors could hear us or see us, they would have been rolling on the ground laughing!
Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about her getting out since she has been taken to be slaughtered. She has been a fun pig to have and we are grateful for the food she will provide for us. 

A tough week. 
A week I wish I could do over and change fate.
 Last Wednesday our beloved dog was hit and killed by a car. 
He was only 5 years old, still full of life. 
We miss our furry little friend!
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  1. Ohhh, I'm sorry to hear about your doggie. When we were builiding our house an inspector ran over our lab puppy Walnut. It was sooo very sad. I hope your littles are recovering with the addition of the new pup. Blessings! K

  2. I'm so sorry about your dog. It's one thing when their old and it's their time and another when it's unexpected. The new puppy is very cute. I'm glad it's helping with the healing process.

    Also, that quaint valley....I'd build a house close by. We'd be neighbors. What a lovely spot.

  3. I love fall and all the beautiful colors. Our trees are pretty much bare to from the windy days. I had to chuckle about the pig. The puppy is adorable. I am sorry for the loss of the other dog. Very sad as they become part of the family and hold special places in our hearts.

  4. Aww, sorry about your dog. That's so hard. Gosh, that new puppy is awfully cute!

    And your view - its just gorgeous!

  5. I am so sorry about your sweet dog. How awful. You are right though. Out of tragedy comes something wonderful Your new puppy looks so darn cute. I know I would be happy to have puppy kisses again. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Your pictures are lovely, and your dog reminds me of Roxie -- we would be very sad if she got hit by a car! I'm glad you got a new puppy, though -- it's so cute. Thanks for joining!


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