Monday, November 11, 2013

All Saints Day Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated All Saints Day in my CCD class. I wanted the kids to learn about the Saints, but I wanted them to have some fun too.

We read about Saint Simon and Saint Jude, since their feast day was close by. I then shared a Saint book with them. The book had beautiful images of our amazing Saints and it gave a brief description of them too.

After learning about the saints, we had a little fun.

We played Saint Musical chairs. I taped pictures of different Saints to the chairs and then we listened to When the Saints Go Marching In.

We pinned the shamrock on Saint Patrick.

We dug for a special treasure in Saint Anthony's Lost and Found.

We had sugar cookies. 
I made stars for the star of Bethlehem, triangles for the Blessed Trinity, and a cross.

I had printed out the Saints bingo from That Resource Site, but we ran out of time.

Everyone had a fun day celebrating the Saints!

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