Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Classically Catholic Memory~Delta Year Week 3

Geography~ South America

This week, we began our journey into South America!!! Michael was thrilled since he loves the rainforest.
As in previous years and weeks, we located the country and rivers on the map. We placed the stickers onto the map that came with the CCM map.
The rest of the time, the kids worked on coloring the map of Brazil and the flag of Brazil. I gave them a blank map of Brazil for them to label the rivers we are learning this week.
Blank Map of Brazil
Blank  Map with Rivers
Worksheet on Brazil

Religion~ Sacraments and Sanctifying Grace

We read about the Sacraments and sanctifying grace from the catechism. I found the lesson online from Our Lady of the Rosary library.

The kids and I watched a wonderful video about sanctifying grace by Bishop Fulton Sheen.

Latin~ Gloria

We are in our 3rd week of learning the Gloria. You can find out more on how we learn the Latin prayers and hymns here.

Science~ Kinds of Vessels in Vascular Plants

This week we are learning about the different vessels in vascular plants. The first thing we did was review the difference between a vascular and non-vascular plant. I found a lesson that was perfect for my kids. It's geared for 4th-5th graders. It includes a brief lesson with a colorful poster, worksheets, and diagrams to help them learn all about the plants.

Enchanted Learning has a wonderful selection of plant lessons and worksheets. We used a few of them too.
The kids did a fun experiment with celery and food dye. They picked a color, placed the celery stalk into the glass, and then we waited. The next day when they checked their stalks, they saw the food dye filling the vessels (veins) of the celery. It was a great way to show them how water and nutrients are taken in by vascular plants.

History~ The Alamo & The Gold Rush

We spent a lot of time learning about this. The kids have been waiting patiently for American history, so we are taking it at a slow but steady pace. To learn more about this wonderful but difficult time in our history, we read a lot of books.

The Mexican-American War

The Alamo

The Gold Rush

The kids and I watched a wonderful documentary from PBS, called Remember the Alamo. It was extremely well done. I especially enjoyed how they portrayed the Mexican-Americans that we located their. Many of them had been fighting for their independence from Santa Anna. I think too often when kids learn about the Alamo, they hear that the Mexicans were cruel and against the Texans. Many Mexicans sided with the Texans and lost their lives. They were their before the battle, during the battle, and continued the fight after the battle. 

Other Resources We Discovered

Texas Revolution Timeline

The Alamo Lesson Plan~ Lesson 1 & Lesson 2 (Older students)

History of The Alamo

Discover Gold Coloring Page

During these 2 week, we focused mostly on the Mexican American War and the Alamo. We only briefly talked about the Gold Rush. We will get more into that later on. I decided to add the Time Travelers American History Studies: The 19th Century from HomeSchool in the Woods to get the kids really involved with the Pioneering Days of our great country. I'll be posting the fun things we do as we cover certain topics so stay tuned!

Great Words~ The Gettysburg Address

The kids are working through the Gettysburg Address. We read it together 1-3 times each day, depending on how much time we have. The kids will then read it by themselves to see how much they have mastered. I encourage them to read it each night a couple of times. I would LOVE to tell you that they do it every night, but I know they don't. Whatever they are doing seems to work though. They are slowly getting it down!

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