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TOS Review~ Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide from Progeny Press

Do you love when your children read great literature? Do you want them to really get involved in the book and learn all they can? Well, Progeny Press has the solution! For the past few weeks, the kids and I have been reading the Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. While reading this wonderful tale of a boy and his magical Indian, we have been using the Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide from Progeny Press. This E-Guide is geared for students in grades 5th- 8th grade. It's listed under the middle school tab.

Progeny Press is a Christian company that provides students and parents with student guides for wonderful works of literature. Their goal is to get children to enjoy reading books, to think clearly, and to understand the works of literature they have read.

"To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it."

~Progeny Press Mission Statement

Progeny Press offers Study Guides and E-guides for a variety of reading levels. Parents will find guides for lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school. Study guides for great classics like The Hobbit and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Parents can even find study guides for newer books like The Sign of the Beaver and Tuck Everlasting! We reviewed Tuck Everlasting last year.

For this review, we received The Indian in the Cupboard E-guide. The E-guide is currently $18.99. The Study Guide and the E-Guide are exactly the same. There are no differences in the content. The E-Guide is great for quick access to the study guide. You buy it are able to download it. It is slightly cheaper and can save families a little bit of money. The Study Guide comes in a workbook style and is currently $21.99 . If a parent has more than one student buying the Study Guide Cd would be a great option. The study guide CD has the PDF version of the study guide on it. This allows parents to print more than one book. The Study Guide Cd is $18.99.

                   Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

The Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide allows parents and students to get involved in the story they are reading. They learn about the characters and dig deeper into the story. The study guides are broken up into sections to go along with the chapters of the book. 
I recommend looking over the E-Guide before starting the book. It offers students a synopsis of the book, a brief biography of the author. This would be a great starting off point for a short paper for the students to complete on the author. 

The E-Guide even has a few suggestions for pre-reading activities. For The Indian in the Cupboard, the guide suggested learning about the Iroquois Native American tribe. Where did they live? What was their life like? Food? Shelter? Again this would be a great paper for the students to work on! 
To add in a history lesson, the guide suggested learning about the French and Indian War. We learned about this war already, so my kids were familiar with it. Reading The Indian in the Cupboard while learning about this time period would be a fun way to get students involved in living literature!

The Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide was broken up into sections. Each section covered 2 to 3 chapters from the book. The study guide had a wonderful page for learning new vocabulary words! New vocabulary words that students may not know are taught and learned. This list would make a great spelling list!


The guide also helps students learn about characterization, point of view, dialect, and other literary terms. Following the vocabulary section, students will get to answer questions about the story. These questions will help students to think about what they have read and how they might have felt if they were in the story. After students complete the questions, they will find a section called, Dig Deeper. This is where the Bible, morals, and values are stressed. This is a wonderful aspect of the study guides from Progeny Press. They help parents reinforce the values we have been teaching our children.

We are not quite done with our book yet, but when we are we will be using the summary pages at the idea to look at the characters and theme of the story. The summary pages provide students with a great resource to finish up their literature lesson. An added bonus the guide provides is additional resources for students....more great books to read!

How We Used The Indian in the Cupboard Study Guide?

We read the story, The Indian in the Cupboard, as a read aloud. We read 2-3 chapters during our lunch break usually when our food was cooking. After reading a few chapters, we would go over the vocabulary worksheet. I printed a sheet out for both Michael and Therese to complete. The questions we did together orally. The dig deeper section was done together too. I had Michael and Therese read the selected bible verses and explain how they went along with that particular section from the book.

What We Thought of the The Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide?

This is our 2nd study guide to review from Progeny Press. I love how well the study guides are put together. They offer a wonderful selection of books to choose from. I am already looking at books for the kids to read next year. I am thinking I'm going to add a book and study guide to both of their lessons. I like the idea of picking a book according to their interests and having them work independently.
The E-Guides are easy to download and for us they are quick. With our internet, we sometimes have issues with larger downloads but the E-Guide from Progeny Press comes across very quickly! I love how I can print the pages I need for both students.
If you love when your kids read classic books, I would highly recommend the Study Guides from Progeny Press. They help kids get the all they can out of a book!

Be sure to stop by to see the other study guides and books the crew members were able to review. I know I'll be stopping by to get ideas for next year!

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

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