Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac {CWA}

On Monday, March 11, Feast of  Saint Euglios                            

Thanking God For
~ children playing together peacefully
~ the sound of a violin squeaking
~ a beautiful drive through the mountains of West Virginia
~ cousins and a sleepover for eager children
~ 19 inches of snow almost melted away
~ the first yellow daffodil peaking through a pile of snow

Watching on TV
On Sunday evening, I was enjoying the documentary called The Appalachians. It was a wonderful historical and cultural story of the Appalachian mountains and their people.


Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God's Will

I am thinking about what we are going to do for school next year. I am trying to figure out topics, books, co-ops, and lesson ideas. I think I am starting to finalize my plans. After that, I can start planning!

I have been knitting a few scarfs as presents for people. My next goal is to try a knit a hat and a pair of socks. Princess P is trying to learn to knit too.

We are praying for the Cardinals as they head into conclave. We pray that the Holy Spirit guides them and leads them to the right choice for our next Father.

Wandering Around

Paleo Plan ~ I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have not been that great at following the plan. I recently read a book about the Paleo diet and it seems like it will be a good plan to follow. I have recently started to have a reaction to diary, so I am looking for a few new recipes.

Our Simple Farm ~ I have been reading up on how to be more self-sufficient. We are looking into getting chickens and I plan on expanding our garden this year

In The Garden

I replaced the strawberry plants that Ms. Bacon our pig ate during her stay in our backyard during the Christmas holiday. Hopefully, we will have some strawberries by the end of the summer. I picked out some herbs to add to our garden. I have been meaning to add herbs to the garden and just haven't gotten around to it. I plan our using our garden plants as part of our science lessons. We are going to be studying plants.

How Spent My Weekend
This weekend was spent enjoying nature. The kids headed to their cousins for a sleepover, so mu husband and I spent the afternoon together. We took a scenic drive through the mountains. While driving, we got to see a mother cow give birth to her calf. The calf gently fell to the ground and the mama cow waited patiently for it to clumsily stand on its two wobbly legs. After witnessing this wonderful event, we saw 8 more baby calves that had been born within the past few hours. Spring is definitely arriving. New life is emerging. Seeing the baby calves being born makes me long for another sweet baby.
After our drive, we headed to a small bed and breakfast for a quite dinner without children. It was a wonderful evening.

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  1. Is that your view? Ahhhh...jealous! I am in major city and even though the neighborhood is nice, I so crave a cabin in the woods!

    Jumping over from Suscipio. Have blessed days this week.

  2. That is just gorgeous! West Virginia is a beautiful state. We lived in MD for years and would take drives out to W. VA!
    I have a friend who follows the GAPS diet. She has recently found out she has a plethora of allergies and also what she was eating was affecting her thyroid. Anyway - a year into it and she is finally feeling very energetic, etc. I hope you stick with it and feel great soon!


  3. I'm seeing dozens and dozens of baby calves on my drive into town! They're so tiny out in the fields!!


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