Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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round button chicken


Mr. Cardinal has been coming around more and more.

 He sings his cheerful song and seems to follow us as we walk about the yard.

I love seeing the cardinal flying about or sitting on a branch during the winter months. When all the trees are bare and there are no colorful flowers filling the garden, his bright red feathers have a way of bringing cheer to a gray, dreary winter.


Lego Man and Princess P's prayers were finally answered! 
Snow, snow and more snow!

We got 20 inches of snow. 

I am so thankful that the kids prayers were answered. They have been praying and hoping for snow all winter. We have had a dusting here and there, but nothing worth playing in. 
This was REAL snow.

They were so excited and so eager to go out to play. We had to wait until the high winds died down, but once they did out they went.

The snow was up to Princess P's knees but she didn't mind out all.

Lego Man commando crawling through the snow trenches they had made.

Even Baby ventured into the snow.


The kids enjoyed the snow, but mama and daddy cat did not.

Mama hiding under the roof ledge.

We must not step in the white stuff....

Now how do I get down.

All kitties were eager to get back inside and curl up by the wood stove.
They even stole the dog's bed.


We took two black trash bags of clothes, two small trash bags of clothes, and 2 boxes of books and children's videos to our local thrift store. We donate our outgrown clothes and items to a local thrift store uses the money to help the elderly in our area. Unfortunately  the are not taking toys. So we have to find a local donation center that will take toys. The rest of the books we are going to donate to our local library for their upcoming used book sale. The hold a used book sale twice a year. We always go and walk out with a box full of books we need for school.

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  1. I love the pictures in this post! We got quite a bit of snow here too, and we love it. Our kitty just sits a the door and watches as it comes down. :)

    Thanks for linking up again today!

  2. Now that is SNOW! Wow! I have never seen that much snow at once in my life. How thrilling! I bet the kids had a total blast!

  3. Mr. Cardinal is a rather handsome fellow to be sure. And yay for used books! jackpot!

  4. We have enjoyed the snow we got here as well, almost a foot! But it's all melted now and I am happy for that. You have nice photos and lovely things to be thankful for:)

  5. Birds have been a rare sight up here this winter. Ella's bird feeder attracted a couple chickadees until the first big dump of snow. Haven't seen them since. The grackels are back, but that's not something to celebrate (except as a sign of snow).

  6. Oh yea, you got some snow. That is awesome!! We love snow! I am so glad you have so much :-)

    I like your cardinal pictures.

  7. Love your snow cat pictures. :)


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