Sunday, March 10, 2013

Memoir Monday~ March 11


Another weekend has come and gone.
Monday is here again.

I am linking up again with my friend, Chris over at Campfire and Cleats.

This weekend was a special treat for my hubby and I. We had a afternoon and evening to ourselves. Both our children were spending the night with their cousins. So mommy and daddy were able to have a date night. This is a big deal for us. Since my son has been born, my husband and I have only been without our children maybe 3 times. My son is 9.5 years old. We have had a few date nights but even those numbers are in the single digits.

So what did we do?

We took a relaxing drive through the countryside. We drove through the mountains and then had dinner at a quiet bed and breakfast.

Snow covered mountains. Farms dotting the landscape. Baby calves being born. River rushing by from melting snow running down the mountain side. A cattle dog chasing the car. Sunlight streaming through the clouds. Holding hands. Enjoying the quiet. Small rural towns forgotten by the world. A old farmer waving a friendly Hi. Folk art along side red painted barns. An old white farm house filled with love. Chicken with a rosemary sauce. Herb crusted potatoes. A glass of white wine. A chocolate mouse dessert.

Moments like this are rare but necessary. It reminds us of why we fell in love in the first place. Moments like this remind us of the vows we spoke and what they mean.
To Love
To Honor
To Cherish


  1. Just beautiful, your words do remind me that time alone with hubby is vital... our date nights are spent with hot cocoa and a movie while the kids are in another room playing cards or watching a show of their own...your evening sounds the descriptions.

    Thanks for sharing this and thanks for linking up, Monique...."see" you online!

  2. Hi Monique!
    I'm adding you to my blog roll!..sorry it's taken me this long!! Loving your blog. Beautiful and thoughtful :)
    Blessings+ Denise


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