Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning about Snakes

Today, Lego Man and Princess P went on a field trip with our co-op group. At our CCM co-op, we have been talking about amphibians and snakes. To get some hands on learning, we went to a local arboretum to learn about snakes. 
The kids were divided up into groups and went around 5 different stations to find out more about snakes.

They talked about the differences of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

They looked at the different skeletons of a deer and snake. They compared it to the shell of a turtle.

What a wonderful example of a snake skeleton.

They were able to touch a real snake skin.

The were shown how the turtle had scales too.
They learned how turtles shed their scales as their shells get bigger.

They were shown different snakes skins. They learned how some snake patterns are very similar.Certain non-poisonous snakes resemble poisonous snakes in order to fool their enemies. 
They learned about the different patterns...banded, striped, and hourglass.

Towards the end of the class, the were introduced to a rat snake, named Matilda.

The kids were allowed to gently pet her, but only if they wanted to. 

The 20 kids had a blast learning about venomous and non-venomous snakes. The learned how to differentiate between the two types.
The kids learned about the different type of snakes that are found locally.

After the class, the kids went on a hike looking for some snakes in the great outdoors. This wasn't as easy as it sounded. Our temperature today was a high of 38 when we were taking our walk.
We did get lucky!

Outside along the main building, we were able to see three garter snakes bathing in the warm sunlight. They were enjoying the warmth of the stone below a metal grate.

The kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed their day even though it was cold! 
The staff at the arboretum were fantastic. They were energetic and kept the children's attention while teaching them some new information.

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