Sunday, March 3, 2013

Memoir Monday~ Everyday Life

Every day. Moments that make up our life.
This week was filled with small events. Nothing major. No fun exciting events.
Instead this weekend was filled with normal, everyday moments.

A sick child. A party missed because of a dead car battery. A 20 year old  freezer that suddenly stopped working. Salvaging apples. Applesauce, stewed apples, and apple pie filling. Hours of canning. Running out of canning jars only to head to Walmart and discovering they are out of canning jars too. A simple dinner out with family. Cuddles from a sweet little girl. Another child falling to illness. A fox running across a farmer's field.  Turkey scratching for foo in a dried up corn field. Sun streaming through stain glass windows. Singing hymns. A little girl raising her voice to God in Heaven. Giggly girls in CCD. Snow flurries falling . Shopping with my little princess.

Small moments that might not be important to everyone, but they are to me. They are the moments that make up my life. They are the moments that make me who I am. They are the moments in time that shape my children. Moments that help create who they will become. Life's moments don't need to be grand or fabulous all the time. Sure big events are exciting and important, but so are the small ones.

To the little princess that has a fever, it means more to her when you sit, cuddle and share a story.
Small moments are when love shines greater.
Every small moment creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love how you beautifully list each piece of an "everyday life"
    Just lovely and so true, to try to remember that there is beauty in the ordinary, everyday...although I'm sorry that your kids are ill and that you guys missed a party b.c of the dead battery!
    Thank you again, Monique, for linking yo to Mem Mon

    Love ya


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