Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal/ Weekly Wrap-Up

In my life this week...... This week has been a relaxing week. We haven't had to much running around thanks to the 20 inches of snow we received Wednesday.

Thankfully, we the power stayed on.
This was our first (and probably last) big snow storm of the year on Thursday. Now I am officially ready for spring to arrive.
Before the snow hit, we headed out on Tuesday. We went to the museum for our last class and then headed to the store to buy the kids some summer clothes. Lego Man was willing to go and try on clothes. If he was willing to shop, so was I. He picked out shorts, t-shirts and swim trunks.
When we finished our clothes shopping, we headed to Walmart. I treated the kids to a new movie. I bought them Wreck It Ralph. They loved it.

In our home school this week...... On Monday, we went on a field trip with our co-op. They kids participated in a snake class.

They had a great time learning about snakes and hanging out with their friends.

Tuesday was the last session of classes at our local museum. 

This week, the museum held a party for the children. They played some historical games and learned about proper party etiquette. The museum even had an interactive game where the kids could set a table. They were eager to play the game and they surprised us parents on how well they did. I guess the chore of setting the table has paid off.

Wednesday was a free day for my kiddos. Daddy was off and it was snowing like crazy. Regular schools were out, so we decided to take the day off too. The kids were very excited about the snow. All we've had this year so far was a slight dusting. After it slowed down, Lego Man and Princess P bundled up and headed outdoors for some snow time!

On Thursday, I was nice mama and let the kids play in the snow before school. They romped and played outside for an hour and a half before starting school. After coming in, the kids had hot chocolate while I read them the Greek story of Bellerophon and Pegasus. 

Giovanni Battisti Tiepolo 1747
Palazzo Labia, Venice, Italy

We worked on our Ancient Greek notebook, our Papal lap book, and math. School ended and it was chore time!
Friday was back to a normal school day. In the afternoon, we headed out for a fun party to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss. It was canceled last week to do too many sick kids.

What I am working on......We have finished going through all the kids clothes for spring and summer. We have donated them and now are working on toys, books, and anything else we no longer need.

What I am reading..... Garden catalogs. I have been flipping through garden and seed catalogs looking for ideas to add to our garden this year. My goal is to can more veggies for next year.

What the kids are reading.......Lego Man is reading Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. Princess P has been reading a Brave book that she got from Grandma. She loves Merida because of her wild curls and the fact that she is Scottish

What I am praying for......My family. We may be getting some good news next week.

Home school Advice.......Take a day off every now and then just to enjoy life. Enjoy your kids while they are still at home.

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  1. That party at the Museum sounds like a lot of fun, and a great learning opportunity! I wish our local museum did something similar.

    Garden catalogues are my reading material right now, too. :)

  2. Coming from Friendship Friday!
    Not liking that snake photo lol.

  3. We didn't find too many activities at our local museum either so we have to travel a little to get to the bigger one. But we love the Brave book too. She didn't much care for the movie but loves the story line. :) thanks for sharing.

  4. Time to shine! Share your favorite post of the week at Friday Flash Blog Hop with The Jenny Evolution! Visit

  5. You had some busy week kiddo!
    That snow is gorgeous! yikes.You certainly got doused.
    Great shot....the museum, the snake

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Last snow storm? Hmm...wouldn't that be awesome! Somehow I think us in Maine will have several more storms before spring finally kicks in. ::wink:: But the sun is brighter, the temperatures have warmed up a little...and winter can't last forever. LOL

    I'm anxious about gardening too. We're not expanding this year, but working on improving the gardens we have. We're also (hopefully) ordering non-GMO Heirloom seeds and seeing how those grow.

  7. That picture is just gorgeous!
    I love snow and miss it now that we are in Texas.
    We have made friends with a local farmer. We are going to take classes on container gardening. We are so excited.
    Love your busy and blessed week.


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