Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Two weeks ago, Lego Man dissected an owl pellet at co-op. Somewhere between the building, playground, and getting in the car, he lost his pellet. He wasn't completely done dissecting it, so he was a little bummed.
So what's a mama gonna do?Order him another one. I ordered two, just in case Princess P wanted to do another one even though she thought it was gross the first time around.

I ordered the pellets from Home Science Tools. They have a variety of science tools and kits to go along with any homeschoolers science curriculum. As soon as the pellets arrived, Lego Man was ready to go. The owl pellet comes with some tools, a page to identify bones and a worksheet.
I found a wonderful owl pellet booklet for younger kids over at The Crafty Classroom. It's perfect for younger ones that don't write well just yet. I printed one out for Princess P to fill in but she just watched Lego Man do his.

So what did our owl eat?
Lots and lots of rodents.
No birds found this time.
It's nice to know the owl we hear at night is helping to keep the mouse population down in our woods.

Here are a list of books we have read to learn more about owls.

Here are 4 story books we read at bedtime about owls.

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  1. Very cool!
    I have NEVER done this in all our years of HSing...shame on me...I really should order this NOW through your link, Monique! THANKS for sharing that.
    One of my all time fave books is Owl Moon (BTW, I intro similes with Owl Moon; it's perfect...just in c ase you did not do that, wanted to let you're so cretive with this stuff you were probably doing literary devices along with the dissection! LOL


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