Sunday, March 24, 2013


Thanking God For
~weekend getaways
~spring days
~sitting on a grassy field soaking up the sun
~seeing a young boy thrilled to visit a War Civil battle field
~a young man in a blue hat
~a little girl in a split bonnet
~a day filled with happiness

I am currently reading Princess P Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
While visiting a local Civil War battlefield we found Little Women paper dolls.

She was so excited to find them. Of course, Daddy bought them for her. As soon as we arrived home, she immediately sat down and starting cutting them out.

Pink eye! Lego Man has been suffering from some allergies and then he woke up this morning with a puffy red eye. I am hoping it's just another symptom of his allergies. He normally gets itchy, runny eyes but he has never had eyes this red. He looks like someone punched him in the eye...poor guy.

We have been learning about the Civil War this weekend. We haven't officially gotten there this year with history but it was a wonderful tour and the kids had a blast. Next year, we will be studying the Civil War in depth.

Working On
Laundry and Laundry. We finished our spring cleaning and now are trying to finish the extra laundry the cleaning added to our schedule. Hopefully I can get back on schedule and stay on top of all the cleaning and laundry.

In the Garden
I picked up some more flower seeds and herb seeds to start. I forgot the soil to start the seeds. I guess I will be heading out again this week to pick up some potting soil.
I want to do a resurrection garden with the kids this week.

credit~ Melissa Holt

What better way to focus on Holy week. I know my kids will love creating this!

How I Spent My Weekend
We headed to to the 6th annual Homeschool days at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War. We went away for a simple weekend. We stayed at a local hotel with an indoor pool. We spent Saturday at the battlefield learning about the lives of the young men who fought and died during the battle. We had a beautiful spring day for our journey. It was wonderful to get away from our everyday life. We hadn't gotten away as a family for over a year and it was wonderful to relax and enjoy each other. It's always nice to get away with family and create some new memories.

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