Friday, February 22, 2013

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round button chicken


Signs of Spring.

What a pretty sight!


God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.

~Author Unknown


The daffodils slowly emerging from the ground.


Lego Man might not say this is a happy moment, but I will.

He's doing his math with no complaining.

He does have a little buddy next to him.


Toughy looks very happy.He is sound asleep in a toy bin.His smile says it all.I am so happy.I am loved!


On Tuesday, we were having beautiful weather!The temperatures here reached in the low 70's. Last week we were in the low 20's. Our weather here is very crazy. Because of the wonderfully warm weather, we finished school early and headed outside. This is one of the great things about homeschooling. While we were outside, we were looking for our baby kitten, Princess Rebel.


All of a sudden Princess P yells, "I see her. She's on the roof."She somehow had climbed onto the roof.Her daddy likes to do this.


So I had to rescue our poor little kitty. While I was scaling a ladder and trying to get our sweet little Rebel off the roof a hawk decided to circle the house. So I have a little kitty meowing loudly, children freaking out that the hawk is going to snatch her off the roof and me freaking out that I am climbing up to the roof. It wasn't funny at the time but looking back now I'm sure it looked quite comical.Needless to say, I rescued Rebel from the roof and the hawk flew away with no hopes for dinner!


Princess Rebel safely relaxing in the house after her big ordeal.


A few days of warm weather has us all hoping Spring isn't far behind.


The kids got a chance to go outside and ride bikes.

They had fun riding through giant mud puddles.

When they were done the back of their shirts were covered and their bikes were filthy.

Their smiles were huge and their giggles were filled with delight!


The climbed the massive pile of logs we have yet to chop up for firewood.


Even Princess Rebel decided to climb the mountain of wood.


They kicked the soccer ball around. They decided to get some practice in before the soccer season officially starts.

Princess P's favorite color is pink....just encase you couldn't figure that out.

Overall we had a delightful day outside soaking up the warm sunshine.

Now we are getting ready for temperatures in the mid 20's again.


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