Friday, February 22, 2013

Our United States Scrapbook~ Delaware

Delaware~ The First State

This year, the kids and I decided to study the States. After researching different lap books, unit studies and lesson plans, I finally decided on creating a scrapbook of the states. I really liked the idea when I saw it over at Shower of Roses. The kids could keep them and maybe add to them as they get older.

First, we headed off to our local craft store for some scrapbooks.
We were able to find some red scrapbooks that were $9.99.  With our 40% off coupon, we only paid $5.99! I figured this was not a bad deal since we will most likely need 2 to 3 books to finish all 50 states.
While doing research, I came across this fantastic site that gives all of the states symbols.
You can check it out, it is called State Symbols USA 

Here is the list of books we read to learn more about Delaware.

For the history of the Delaware colony we read

After reading about the first state, we started making our scrapbooks.
We used a variety of resources. Here are a few we used.
Coloring page of Delaware's flag that gives directions on how to color it.
State Bird coloring page
State of Delaware coloring page
Here is a nice picture of the state bird and flower.
A coloring page for the Delaware quarter can be found here. The United States Mint has coloring pages, games, toons, and history that the kids can check out.
We used an outline map of the United States to locate Delaware and colored it in.
Lady Bug coloring page
Horseshoe crab coloring page
I was hoping to add the Delaware state quarter to the book but we didn't have that state in our coin jar.
I printed out a picture of the House of Refuge lighthouse in Delaware Bay, Delaware and I created a fact sheet to go on the pages.
The kids added a scrapbook sticker of a pumpkin since Pumpkin Chunkin takes place their. Lego Man watches it every year on TV. Maybe one day, he will grow up and create one of those crazy contraptions.Pin It

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  1. This looks terrific! My 13 year old is doing a state study. He hasn't gotten to Delaware yet, but I will share some of your ideas with him. :-) God bless, Lisa


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