Friday, February 22, 2013

Memoir Mondays~ Enjoying the Quiet

After a week if running everyday, it was so nice to take a moment to quietly sit among nature and breathe it all in. Feeling the cool crisp breeze across my cheek was  a wake up call.  God reminding me to Cherish the little things.

We rush around and get so busy we lose focus. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I admit i hate running around. I strongly dislike being out of the house everyday of the week. It just drives me crazy. I do it because I want the kids to have experiences, friends, and fun outside the house. They need to be exposed to culture and different activities like music, sports, dance, art, etc. There are times I have my doubts. Do kid's days really need to be filled up with all this extra social activities? I don't know. I do know that when we get over extended life gets miserable around here. People get cranky, grumpy, sleepy, whiny  and dare I say something that rhymes with witchy.

I look back at my childhood and my days filled with playing. We didn't have art classes, music lessons (we did that in church), 3 different sports, etc. I did do gymnastics and dance when I was young but I don't remember our lives revolving around it. I miss those carefree days of childhood. No worries. No fears about the future. No fears you're messing things up.

It's a shame we can't go through life with the eyes of a child. I think our world would a more pleasant place.

A life full of innocence and happiness.

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