Friday, February 22, 2013

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Now that the Christmas season as come to a close. Our parish put away the Christmas tree, the Nativity, and asked us the parishioners to take home some of the Poinsettias.



They had decorated the church with white and red poinsettia. They were beautiful. Lego Man wanted to take one home. I wasn't so sure since I tend to kill any indoor plant I own. I have had luck with three plants I have right now. So we brought home a beautiful, very large red poinsettia. Father even joked that the stink bugs were free of charge. I haven't noticed any new stink bugs in the house, but honestly I doubt I would even notice. On any given day, we have 10 to 20 in our house.


The kids have been learning about owls for part of the nature bird study. The first owl up was the barn owl. The kids created a water-color painting to go along with their study.



They LOVE painting and had a great wonderful time creating their master pieces. They are always ready to paint and their faces light up with smiles.I think they did a beautiful job!


Monday was the inauguration of President Obama. I asked Lego Man if he would like to go see it. He asked what it was and I told him that it is when they swear in the President. He informed me no it would take too long for that to happen. I asked what he meant. He said there would be way to many people swearing at the President. I had to chuckle. Whether or not you are for or against President Obama, you have to admit that there would be a long line of people standing in line to swear at him if they could. It also reminds us how kids see things. They are so literal when they think about things. They are innocent and naive. It would be nice to view things the way kids do. Maybe if we could keep our innocence and un-jaded lives, our world would be a much better world to live in.


Christmas is still up at our house.




A certain kitty will be very sad when we finally take down the tree. She loves sleeping in the tree. She has been helping with taking off the ornaments. She loves batting at them and knocking them off the tree. Naughty little kitty.My goal was to take it down this week but I have been busy trying to catch up with the laundry. It doesn't pay to skip a few days of laundry. It just piles up more and more. It doesn't help when you have to change all the bedding in the house thanks to a wet muddy dog.


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