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Miracles of Jesus~ Jesus Brings Jairus' Daughter Back to Life Lesson

In CCD class today, we talked about the many miracles that Jesus performed while He was on this earth.

Jesus' miracles were signs, extraordinary deeds that brought attention to the fact that through Jesus, the Kingdom of God was at hand.

By witnessing the miracles Jesus performed, we see the beautiful world of God. We get to see how wonderful His Kingdom truly is.

After reciting the Morning Offering prayer, we started off class coloring a picture of Jesus healing a paralyzed man.

I found the page here.

When the children were done coloring, I read a short story of when Jesus healed the paralyzed man. I read it from my kid's children bible, but it can be found in Mark 2:1-12.

I followed the story of the paralyzed man with the story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead.

You can find the story in the Mark 5:21-25, 35-43.

Jesus heals Jairus' daughter coloring page can be found here.

After the story one little girl asked, "How could Jesus do that?"

This was a perfect question to ask!

Jesus can do all things. He is amazing! Jesus is God here on earth!

If God created this world we live in, then God can raise a little girl back from the dead.

We talked about all the wonderful things Jesus did and why.

Why would Jesus do these things?

Because He loves us and wants to help us.

God sent Jesus to teach us about His Kingdom and to learn the way God wants us to live.

Jesus performed miracles. He feed the hungry. He forgave those who did wrong. He taught crowds of people about God and His Kingdom.

We talked about how we can make ourselves better. If we are sick, we can take medicine, get rest, drink lots of fluids, and see a doctor.

Jesus is like medicine for our hearts and souls. If we pray and read the Bible, we can begin to heal ourselves. We can fix our broken spirits and correct the wrongs we have done. When we allow God into our hearts, He will work miracles in us. We can not fix ourselves without the help of God.

I found a worksheet that had pictures of all types of items on it. Some were things to help us, others were just random items. The kids were encouraged to circle the things that would make us feel better. The first two items they found and circled were the pictures of the praying hands and the Bible.

Here is the Worksheet  I used.

I brought up the subject of......

Super Heroes

Today, kids are bombarded with images of super heroes  Batman, Spiderman  Superman, Ironman  ,The Hulk, and so many more. We talked about the powers these men have or are supposed to have.

Are they real? Can they really perform the amazing feats they do?


But who can do all these amazing things?

Who is the greatest super hero?


Jesus performed miracles throughout  his life. By performing these miracles, Jesus was showing us that he is all-powerful. When Jesus raised Jairus' daughter from the dead, He was  showing us  that God brings new life to all of us.

After reading our stories, the kids helped heal a baby doll. They bandaged the doll up and then said a prayer for the doll to get better.

I asked the children, "What happens when you are sick?"

They told story after story of how their parents take care of them. They make them soup. They tuck them in. They let them lay on the couch and watch their favorite television show. They make them a special treat. They get hugs and kisses from their parents.

Their parents show them LOVE......just like Jesus showed His Love to the people He healed.

We then played our final game....a bean bag toss. The first round, the children were blind folded. Jesus healed a blind man, so this was to let the kids see what it would be like to be blind. The blindfolded child had to toss a bean bag into a bucket. At first, their teammates said nothing. Then they offered guidance and encouragement. After learning to listen carefully, a few of the kids were able to make it into the bucket.

The second round , the children had to toss the bean bag into the bucket without moving their arms or body. This was to remind the children of the paralyzed man. It was more difficult, but again with encouragement and help they were able to get a few  bags into the buckets.

By relying on their teammates and asking for help, they were able to overcome their difficulties.

When we have difficulties in our own lives, we can rely on Jesus for His help. If we pray hard and live our lives the way Jesus wants us to we can experience our own little miracles.

Lesson Ideas

The Daughter of Jairus

Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter

Jesus Has Power Over Evil

Jarius~ Life of Christ

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