Friday, February 22, 2013

Making food for American Girl dolls

A friend of mine recently posted about how she made some play food for her daughter's newly acquired American Girl doll.

You can find her blog spot over at Saree Wearing Mam's blog. She is a fantastic lady who is very creative. We once worked together in our previous lives before kids!

So after seeing her fun idea, Princess P immediately said, "We can do that!" So this past weekend we headed to our local Hobby Lobby and bought some clay to make our own creations.

At the store, we bought 4 packs of Sculpey clay. Princess P chose brown, cream, bright pink and red.

W decided to make the ice cream, thin mints, Oreo cookies, doughnuts, pretzels, cupcakes, crackers and some tiny strawberries.

We first softened the clay by working it in our hands. Once the clay was right for shaping we went to work.

We created Oreo cookies first. We shaped the brown clay into brown cookies and then places cream clay in between the two cookie layers.

 To create the thin mint cookies, just shape the brown clay into cookie shapes.

Very easy! I did try to leave some wavy imprints from my fingers, since thin mints have a wavy look to them.

I then created the cup cakes.

I used a small tea cup to for the cupcake bottom. I pressed the clay into the cup filling it about halfway. I then took the clay out and shaped it to look like the bottom of a cupcake. I tool a sculpting tool and made indents along the sides to form the cupcake paper liner. Princess P decided what color frosting she wanted, we shaped it to look like a mound of frosting and then added to the cupcake bottom.

To finish off we added a small red cherry to the top.

To make the crackers and doughnuts, we blended together the leftover brown and some cream to get a tan/beige color.

For the doughnuts, we rolled out the clay. Make a snake! We cut up the long piece into a few strips and connect the ends. Make sure to conceal the seams. Just gently smooth the clay with your finger. Princess P did the same things to make the colored frosting.

We made the crackers the same way we made the chocolate wafer cookies. I then took another sculpting tool and added a few holes so they would look like Ritz crackers.

We made pretzels too.
We rolled the clay into a snake and then folded the sides in to make a pretzel. Perfect for Lent!

We made chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and cherry ice cream.

We rolled the clay into ice cream scoop shapes. To add the texture look to the ice cream, I took a small piece of rolled up tin foil and gently pressed into the clay.

The strawberries were a last minute idea.

We had a little bit of red left. I rolled the clay into an egg shape. I pressed the egg shape clay down onto the table and made the one end flat. It worked perfectly. They look like strawberries that have had the stem cut off.  To make the seeds, I took the sculpting tool and poked holes into the strawberry.  A toothpick would work great too.

We placed all of our goodies onto a cookie sheet lined with tin foil.

I baked them in the oven on 250 degrees for 35 minutes. Princess P couldn't wait for her new goodies.

We now have plans to get more clay and make even more food. We have some many fun ideas.

The best of the day was spending time with my little girl. I love how she loves to do crafty things like her mama!

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