Friday, February 22, 2013

3 in 30 Update

Well I have accomplished 1 item off my list. I have gone through the kids clothes! I have a bag to donate and a tub of clothes to sell on eBay  I was pleasantly surprised because Princess P has clothes that will fit. My niece is a year older so we get a good amount of hand me downs. She does need a swimsuit. She has already found one at L.L. Bean that is modest and cute.

I checked Lands End but they still don't have all their styles out yet.

She needs a few pairs of shorts. I also need to find a few bike shorts to go under the skirts we are going to make.

Unfortunately Lego man is in need of all new clothes. He has had such a huge growth spurt this year. Last year he was wearing size 7 and 8. We are looking at size 12 for this year.  I am not looking forward to taking him shopping. He doesn't enjoy shopping and is very picky about his clothes. He doesn't like logos or writing on his shirts. No flashy colors. Shorts will be pretty easier since boys shorts are pretty least I hope.

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