Friday, February 22, 2013

Jesus is Risen

All the greatest pains become sweet for whoever looks at Jesus Christ on the Cross.


Recently during a conversation with a good friend, religion came up. This friend is not Catholic but is a Christian. This young woman participates in her church and is a very active member. She's raising her children in their faith and they are a wonderful family. During our talk, she wondered about the one difference she knew about her faith and ours.

So she asked me "Why do Catholics believe that Jesus didn't rise from the dead?"

WOW! I was surprised that she believed that and I gladly informed her that Catholic most definitely believe that Jesus died, walked the earth for 4o days and then ascended into Heaven.

Her next question was "Why do you have him still on the cross then?" As a child, she was told they shouldn't have a crucifix because they believed he rose. I let her know why Catholics have Jesus still on the cross. I was glad to share our beliefs and relieved I could fix another misconception of the Catholic church.

So why do Catholics have Jesus on the cross?

The crucifix is to remind us that Jesus died for us. Every time we walk into church we are visibly reminded of the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us.

As a child, I always found comfort in the crucifix that hung in my church. I was never scared or frightened by the image. I never looked at it as gruesome. Jesus always looked at peace to me. It reminded me that He willing died for our sins so that we may one day reach Heaven. As a child it was a constant reminder to behave and do the right thing. It reinforced to me that we should be living out our lives to honor Jesus. I certainly didn't want to let him down. I wanted to reach Heaven and spend eternal life with Jesus.

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