Friday, February 22, 2013

Entering into Ordinary Time

This past Sunday, Father talked about how the Baptism of the Lord marked the end of the Christmas season for us.

After all this time preparing and waiting for the birth of Jesus, the season has finally ended.

We are heading into the Ordinary Time. There are no songs about waiting for ordinary time, no grand celebrations, and no decorations to brighten up our homes. It's just ordinary time.

Ordinary Time..... Is there such a thing? Father pointed out that there really isn't. Ordinary time is when we truly live our lives. Our days are filled with joy, pain, hope, fear, happiness and sadness. We pass our days with work and play. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and births. We witness illness and death.

As I pause and look at my life during this ordinary time, I am filled with everyday memories.

Scrapped knees, colds, and ear infections,

giggles of happiness, tears of pain,

babies first steps, their first word,

seeing a heartbeat on a tiny screen,

the first smile,

a crying baby,

mispronounced words,


the joy of reading a book all by themselves,

a loose tooth,

a messy house filled with  toys,

birthday celebrations that have flown by too fast,

a First Communion,

the birth of kittens,

a boy catching a pig, a pig getting loose,

making paper turkeys, cutting out paper snowflakes,

splashing in a pool,

an old dog passing and a new puppy bringing smiles.

When we stop to focus on all the little gifts we experience in this life, we can begin to truly see how blessed we are.

Ours days don't need to be filled with parties, gifts,and grand adventures.

It's the small, every day events that make our lives special. They are what makes our lives different from others. They shape us.

I am thankful for all the amazing gifts God has blessed me with.

Enjoy living in the Ordinary Time!

counting 1000 gifts in 2013.....

~snow frosted trees

~hearing please and thank you

~ woodpeckers chasing each other around a tree


~homemade mac and cheese

~hugs and kisses

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