Friday, February 22, 2013

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                                   ~Capturing the Context of Contentment in Everyday Life~

round button chicken


During the fall and winter months, after the leaves have fluttered the ground, we are blessed to have an amazing view from our  mountain top. We get to enjoy the wonderful hues of the winter sky. Shades of pink, blue and purple that only the Divine Artist could create Himself.


Once the Spring leaves fill the trees our splendid view vanishes all too soon.


Princess P has been on a playing school with her dolls.

She loves her dolls!


She has selected her own collection of "school" books to use for her lessons.

She has made an attendance rooster.

She has even tested her students.


She took these pictures of her students.


I have even heard her tell them to pay attention and to stop clowning around.

It sounded awfully familiar.


For the past 3 days, it has poured and poured and poured. The front yard is filled with puddles and the back yard is a slip and slide of mud. Thank you, Miss Bacon. The cats have not been happy. They go out and come back quickly except our dainty little gray mama cat.  She weighs about 5 pounds sopping wet.She goes out and then panics. She hides under the cars, in the tires, under the wagon and under the porch. She meows and meows. She wants to come back in but doesn't want to get any wetter. Silly Kitty. So what can a Mama do, but head out with an umbrella to bring her kitty in. She purrs so loudly once she is being held in her mama's arms.


Princess P started violin lessons this past October. I am so proud of my little girl. She's doing an amazing job. She has the sweetest lady teaching her. She is an older lady from our Parish. She teaches so many kids her days are filled with lesson after lesson. She is old enough to be my grandmother. I hope when I am her age that I have half of her energy. More importantly, I hope I live my life as well as she lives her. She is a true blessing from God. She is a shining example in how we should live our lives like Jesus Christ. She loves the children she teaches. She is filled with so much joy when she teaches them.  She smiles brightly and it's contagious. Passing on her love for the violin is the gift she is giving these children. She also teaches the choir my daughter belongs to. They rehearse every Thursday and sing  at the first Saturday Mass celebrated at a local assisted living. They bring huge smiles to the men and women living there.

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