Friday, February 22, 2013

State Study~ Pennsylvania

We have finally completed our study of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania took us a little longer because I added more to our lesson.

We read a variety of books. Pennsylvania is a popular subject at our local library. We found books about the Pennsylvania colony, Benjamin Franklin, the Pennsylvania Dutch, William Penn, Philadelphia,  The Liberty Bell, Gettysburg and so on. We could spend all year reading the different books we found.

Here is a list of some of the books we found(and used) at our local library.

The kids worked on their coloring pages and worked independently while they placed them onto their pages.





We still need to work on placement...not all our pages fit.

Overall, I think they did a pretty good job.

We first located Pennsylvania on the United States map.

Lego Man and Princess P colored the state in.

United States Map

We then learned about the state capital.

Pages that we used for our books

State Flag coloring page

State Map coloring page

Mountain Laurel coloring page

Ruffed Grouse coloring page

State Quarter coloring page

Independence Hall coloring page

Independence Hall Coloring page 2

The Liberty Bell connect the dot page

The Liberty Bell coloring page

I printed out pictures of mountain laurel, the ruffed grouse and Punxsutawney Phil!

We added the state quarter to the kids pages.

I wanted to add a few colorful scrapbook stickers to our pages but sadly the craft stores near us do not have stickers for most of the states. I checked online but paying $15 for 2 sheets of stickers and shipping is not worth it in my mind.

We made our own replica of The Liberty Bell.


Here is the beginning stages of one of the bells. My goal is to have the kids paint it too.

We made a delicious dessert for dinner.


Hershey Hotel's Chocolate Pie!

You can find the pie and crust recipes here.


The kids and daddy finished it up rather quickly.

After studying Pennsylvania, The kids now want to visit.

They want to go to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

The zoo in Philadelphia is a top priority for Lego Man.  He would love to visit the zoo and aquarium in Pittsburgh.

Both kids would LOVE to visit the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Of course, Hershey Park would be fun. We have never been. The kids and I did visit Dutch Wonderland when they were really little.

I think Pennsylvania will be a future vacation spot for us.

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